Abe adaptation based on drop-ship dialogue (?)


So we all saw how the Wasteland Maggie adaptation was connected with a previous drop-ship conversation that Maggie and Hyde had. Now that had people commenting about a Maggie - Hank conversation and how the six-eyed Oracle Squid might refer to a Kraken adaptation and I thought this morning that I could talk about some interesting drop-ship conversation that might be hinting on an Abe adaptation.

I didn’t find something relevant in the forums so here goes:

Parnell - Abe : Parnell asks if Abe has read the sci-fi western comic book he gave him and Abe is thrilled and asks Parnell if he thinks it would be possible for ‘‘that blaster that main dude uses’’ to be made.

Dialogue is ending like this :
Parnell : - You mean that Black Hole gun ? That thing is Super cool
Abe : - Fuck yeah it is! I want one!

So maybe an Abe adaptation with a Black hole gun/blaster instead of his shotgun is on the way?
Or I am just making this stuff up because I am all so wired up with Matthew’s awesome writing like everyone else X-D


Ha yeah that would be pretty cool. No idea how it would function but a space-cowboy Abe could definitely work.


Maybe a gun instead of his Statis Grenades, that launches one huge Stasis Grenade that has a slight gravitational pull?


So a stasis GL


Hells to the yeah.


Lol that would be too different though? Talking about Abe, he’s my favorite trapper and I wonder what they’ll do to the tracking dart more than anything else on his kit. Like, how could you possibly tweak it to make it “unique”


Make the monsters blind duh… /kappa


It would be pretty cool but not gonna happen imo.

Because change the basic shotgun to black hole gun, is pretty big jump, and Devs dont want to change Adaptations core mechanics


I agree but the way I see it that means that for exaple they wouldnt replace mines with another new equipment like a gun.
But tweeking the shotgun to be a black hole blaster - which would have significantly less power than it’s suggested name - might not be that out of the picture.
I like the space cowboy Abe theme though X-D


Lol but really though! Like, there’s no way to make it much different. Make it a automatic like they did with slim :unamused:


I thought Abe was ALREADY kind of a Space Cowboy…

  • Machine Tracking dart, fires automatic tracking darts. lol
  • Traqing dart, instead of an Icon it highlights the monsters like Val’s tranqs without the slowing effect.


Or lazy style : Tracking dart deals poison dmg lol


That’s Val’s thing, I think if the tracker were to do damage it be more like a tazer. Or would that fit Griffin more? (since his in teh same tear as crakers)


Aw yea tazer Griff sounds cool


Still want a fisher themed Griffin without a jetpack.


I think Abe’s adaptations will be the following

Dark Suction Grenade: Has one grenade, throws, creates a hole that pulls the monster in

Auto Fire Shot Gun: Auto fire with poison damage, TERRIBLE ACCURACY! GOOD DAMAGE

The BURN DART: Tracks the monster for 15 seconds, If darting a corpse and monster eats it, monster gets tagged for 30 seconds with a GOOD BURNING EFFECT!



I would like it if Abe adaptation shot slugs instead of buckshot. Make it more like a rifle.


I think it would be more tied to his stasis grenades. Black hole grenades, grenades that suck monsters in. Thing is that abe is actually a tech wiz, so I bet he would tweak the gravity gun, and make gravity grenades.

And I also think that hunter dialogues , drop little hints at possible future adaptations. Like I’m expecting war drone bucket.


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