Abe acts weird when there is Rabe in the team


No players were hurt while shooting this video. :^)

I m pretty sure It is not bug but feature. Abe’s existence is questioned when there is renegade Abe in his team so weird stuff is to be expected.
For people who want it in higher resolution:


Dude, I can’t even see it.


Just add www before twitch.tv/europoor/v/85069241


@Alucard_Shadow, just out of curiosity, but do you always split away from your teammates when you play Laz?


How else do you heal?


yes i often just walk on other side of map and wait for body to fall under my feet,then revive it for 0strikes.



Well, monster can’t focus you if you are outside of the dome, that’s a fact.


I can get that, but being too far away isn’t helping either, so I was just wondering. Nothing wrong with that.


The proper way how to play Lazarus is to be playing like ninja.