Abduction takes away the skin


Wraith abduction bug

When she uses abduction (travels to abduct) . Her skin will be the default instead of what I am using on her (Hornet skin)

And when she returns from abduct . The Hornet skin returns


What platform? I’ve never seen this before and I have been using the Savage skin a lot recently so it would be pretty obvious.


I think it’s intended .


The change in skins is intended?


The abduction change the skin to default

I didn’t notice it until I use Hornet (yellow - black skin) . Because the game can’t render it maybe

Tagging @insane_521 can you tell us if this is intended or not . Just to make sure it’s not bug


If this is a glitch I don’t think it should be on the top of the list to fix unless everyone wants to dance beautifully in to battle (while wearing a skin) with a abduction I don’t think everyone who plays wraith wants to be a majestic butterfly so…


Looks like ur skin got abdicated

Thinku, I’m here all night


I think that’s intended. When you abduct the Wraith turns black/red, and when the animation has finished it changes back to the skin.


I remember when there was an abduction animated bug back in 5.0 or 6.0

It didn’t change the skins .


Like @The_Little_Jay said.


That’s an awesome shot.


I have now realized that the look of Wraith in mid-abduct is a must have skin…



Elder Kraken, anyone? :smiley_cat: