Abduction problems


my abduction is either freezing wraith in the abduction pose or shooting out and maybe 50/50 abducting my target. it’s had the target be fine, or damage dealt. i’ve also had it happen where it brought them to me but they were fine.
it’s very hard to play with one arm tied behind your back.


Sounds about normal. I usually run into the damage only abduction once or twice a game.

Freezing has happened to me once and I just lost right there and then.


Yea abduct is so broken ._. It can literally cost a game.

But it’s awesome when it actually works :smiley:


btw, you think your stuff is bad? look at the stuff @IWannaBeATiger gets


IT happend whit warp blast too very annoying in Arena Mode


I’ve had it shunt hunters out of the way and carry on past them for miles, it gets really annoying sometimes


Abduct makes me sad =(


I never have problems hitting abduction. The only problems with it Inever see is when you hit the hunter but it doesnt count until way after where the hunter will glitch into your arms.


A lot of these abduction issues should be fixed with the next title update. The whole ability should feel much better to use as the common grapple no damage and damage but no grapple issues were fixed. Another benefit of this fix is the abduction is much more consistent when attempting to grab hunters at range as well.

Buff and Nerf Suggestions
Is wraith OP?

I love you so much right now. Anything about the weird bouncing around abduct glitch?


@LordDeath is saying he hasn’t seen it in awhile. We’ve got our eyes on it still but the frequency has gone down to almost zero on our builds.


Thats cool I get it a lot when I abduct marsh striders and occasionally when I barely aim high enough to go over an obstacle and on the return trip I collide with it and move forward maybe gravity affects it or something.


#The Evolve Forums.
The only place where you can make a thread about
how difficult it is to abduct people without getting banned.


So last night I ran into some huge Abduction Issues. It was more of hit detection not being synced up. Wraith would grab us in some that were close (no big deal) and others that would grab us even after the Wraith rockets past us.

I have some video I will upload when I get home, have you guys seen anything like this before?


I occasionaly abduct and I should have grabbed them continue out and then when I hit my limit they teleport to my arms.

@Insane_521 what about the abduct glitch where hunters can continue shooting you while you grabbed em.


That should be fixed as well.

That hasn’t been fixed yet, but is a known issue.


@Insane_521 thanks a lot. i’ve only ran into the bouncy abduction glitch once. it’s great to know the turtle rock team is on top of it.



so many hugs


Yeah they’re real on top of it…the bug is still happening MONTHS after reported. I almost just lost a match because of it. I wish I had video of this match the Hunters cheapshot me down to a sliver of health but I escaped, armored up and finished them off.