Abduction not abducting?


Just happened in a couple games. Hit them, deal the damage, but doesn’t bring them back with me. what?


I’ve experienced this as well. It has to be a bug as it can still happen even if you dont travel the full distance of the abduction. Its not lag either as it still happens offline with bots.

It needs a fix as its painfully inconsistent.


I stopped using abduct from long range, because it doesn’t grab people. Close range though, it seems to work great.


Beside the fact…If it’s not working as it should it’s a problem and needs to be fixed.


I realize that this is a somewhat old thread, but darnit, it’s actual. I’ve been trying to get better at Wraith, and it’s been pretty difficult when I’ve been having this. The wraith actually touches them, the damage is inflicted, but then I just go back empty-handed/empty-clawed. It seems that actual, dead-on, stationary-target-in-the-middle-of-the-reticule abducts never actually connect even at short ranges, whereas ones for which you’re on the edge, or even occasionally ones that seem like they’ve completely missed can be successful. I’ve recently lost several games that I am absolutely convinced I would have won if I didn’t have four or more direct shots that missed in each one. Has this been looked into?


The abduction not working properly is very anoying. As stated above it happens at daily basis when it deals damage but does not take back hunter/wildlife with it.

The one thing that should be mentioned here is abduction not always moves monster back where it was after grabing a hunter. I dont know how its possible, i shot abduction, wraith is grabing a victim, then the backwards motion occurs and suddenly stops halfways, but there was no obstacle in the way obviously.


Played a bit of Wraith today. Hit tons of people with Abduction - straight on. Dealt damage, no abduct.

@MacMan You aware of this Turtlerock?