Abduction feedback


From everything I’d seen about abduction, this ability is very hard to aim and land successfully.
It’s due to 2 problems, ability to see where you’re aiming, and being able to tell if something is in the way to block your move.
I have a suggestion to improve it.
The aiming reticule as it is now is a cone of rings that glow red. I was thinking it could only glow red if you’re aiming at a valid target (hunters, daisy, survivors, etc.) and if not it would be “turned off” and greyed out.
As for the second problem, you could have a small “v” sign above your target if nothing is in the way of the abduction path and an “x” if there is something (or any other visual indication besides “v/x”).



I think we should wait until more people have actually played it before worrying about balance issues.


While I think it could be an awesome thing, you would have to remember that it takes time for the Wraith to travel to the spot where it was aiming… Which is why (I believe) that predicting where the hunter is going to be when you arrive for the catch is a large part of using the ability successful.


Normally I would agree, but in this case it’s plain to see that it’s a very hard to use skill.

And I would hate it if I start playing wraith, make builds around this skill that would be almost impossible to pull off, and have to wait months for feedback to accumulate for the devs to fix this.

That’s not going to change with the changes I suggested, and they may in fact encourage planning ahead when using abduct (as they’re giving you the tools to do so).


People were also thinking that Monster X was OP/UP or that Hunter Y was OP/UP. I strongly urge you to wait as everyone that ‘plainly can see’ is usually incorrect. Not that I’m saying you are or aren’t, but in the past more people are proven wrong then correct. I think it’s a bit silly to try and balance something you yourself haven’t played.


If abduction doesn’t fit your playstyle don’t use it, I don’t use aftershock or rock throw myself, and I can still enjoy goliath and kraken


Stop always speaking the truth, you’re supposed to be evil.


Maddcow is a hero! Always agree with ya!


Fine! Ummm… here!


Awww thanks :slight_smile: You are credit to team!


It only needs a few small tweaks if you ask me. For example, I’d like to see the colour on the cone of effect change if you aim it at an obstacle. If I aim like normal, I get the nice red line to show me where its aimed. My idea is for it to turn blue if you aim it at a tree or something, just to show you that it can’t get through.


While I like this kind of idea in general, if you are aiming far enough you are going to be leading the target. If the target is in front of a nearby rock, even though the skill should succeed you’ll get the change of color so it doesn’t really help with long distance shots.


I agree! My idea is more to help out with the medium combat kind of thing. I was frustrated when I watched the Wraith introduction video because, for every Abduction landed, another three or four ended up missing. Not just random misses either, I’m talking about flying right into a wall because it “might or might not” land a hit kind of thing. Kind of makes me wish Abduction had a bigger area of effect to pull something from.


I think that is more of just learning the skill. I’d rather have it stay the same to be consistent with long range abductions than worry about short-med range in combat pulls. I feel that a lot of the misses were due to two things. Controller aiming/precision (Argue for/against if you want but do it in another thread) and pacing of combat. It’s harder to be more precise in the middle of combat. I wish I could test her out in the Beta to see if it is just that, but we can’t :’(


Indeed. As always, I have not played the game myself yet, sadly, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I’m just pointing out something that I found rather annoying. The controller was a good point, too.


No worries. I think that everyone is just foaming at the mouth for release so we’re talking about anything :slight_smile: Also, take what I say with a grain of cud as I could be entirely wrong as well without having played it first hand :slight_smile: (Tried to convince my job that I should travel to TRS and they should pay for it. Didn’t go as planned :stuck_out_tongue: )



Practice my friend Practice


I really think the ability to alter someone else’s positioning is very strong. If mastered and you land like 80% of abducts at least then i’m sure you can do heavy damage no matter what. That’s how I see it anyway