Abduction and sneak bug


i was playing wraith and encountered 2 bugs that majorly delayed my victory both times.

First was an abduction glitch. i pressed to abduct a player but just as i started to warp (during the abduction) i was shot. it left a white vapour trail so i belive it was a tart or tranc. i was then stuck in the abduction stance without the red circles. I could slowly move but couldn’t use any warps, abilitys or melee attacks. I exited it by pressing abduct again (the display was greyed out but the cool down was still active. After this i tested abducting again and i would get stuck in that stance again but this time with the red circles. Again i had to wait for abduct to cool down to get out of the bug. Once i staged up the bug fixed it self.

Second at stage 3 i killed all but support, Abe and Markov were downed right next to each other. Support went invisible to get them, i pounced but got stuck in the pounce position instantly. i attempted to exit it but it didn’t work. I believe this is the glitch where you pounce something and you just kind of follow the target sliding around in pounce position.

The good news is after an additional 15minutes (after first bug) i was able to win the match with only 1/8th of a bar of health left


Sounds like an interesting match for sure!

Maybe @MacMan has any insight? i havent seen this bug reported yet. Poor connection possibly? seems to be a trend for tonight/today.


I have had glitches to where the monster, no matter which one, can sneak attack you in the middle of a jump, high in the air, evading with the double jet, all while you are looking at your attacker. The whole concept of a sneak attack is that the person you are attacking CAN NOT see you. You should not be able to SNEAK attack someone if they are looking directly at you… that makes it just an ATTACK.