Aaaand once more: Slim Spore Change - Mutagen Cloud!


Spores have never been in a good spot, and neither has Slim himself tbh. The problems are clear: Spores affect different players differently and Slim’s healing is godlike against Behemoth but mediocre at best against a flying Kraken.

So I have come up with an idea, that would make spores equally good against every players and give Slim a better time against Kraken: The Mutagen Cloud!

What it does is really simple: While the Monster is inside the cloud, Slim’s healburst recharges faster.

With the right size, it should be relatively easy to keep even an erraticly flying Kraken inside a cloud for a while, whereas landing a lot of pellets on the same Kraken can be a pain in the ass.

Since the actual suggestion is so simple, let me give you some numbers how it MIGHT look like:

Healburst cooldown stays at 12 seconds.
For each 100 ms that the Monster stays inside a spore, excuse me, mutagen cloud the healburst cooldown recharges 400 ms extra. In other words five times as fast as normal.
Obviously, the pellets of the shotgun need to decrease the cooldown less. (1.0 second per pellet right now). I suggest something around 0.25

The cycle would then be 8 leech shots, 1 mutagen cloud, 8 leech shots, 1 mutagen cloud and so on.
Each cycle would take about 4.5 seconds and result in 2 healbursts (200 health per burst).
It would peak at about 90 HPS, which is way less than right now, but still a really good amount and much more consistent across all monster sizes.


Yeah. Let’s take his already Godlike healing and make it Immortal healing.


No, his spore should be changed to something that debuffs the monster. Perhaps it makes a monster’s traversals recharge slower, maybe a 25% slower charge speed lasting 3 seconds


It currently peaks at 179 HPS. 90 < 179. I almost litterally want to cut his healing in half. Your argument is invalid.


That could work. The Monster would be slowed when it is inside the cloud.


I’m not saying slowing or having an area the monster needs to stay in for effect. I’m literally saying if you hit a monster, his traversals come back slower. Having to keep a monster in an aoe for it to work is why Quira sucks. Reward players for their aim, and not have their abilities rely on the monster player being fresh off the boat.


I was thinking of buffing the cloud’s size, but then players could just spam them so the Monster can’t escape until the dome recharges. The reload speed could be nerfed, but then players would just take reload perks.


I don’t know. The radius would have to be massive because if monster could leave the radius easily, the cloud would essentially be a area denial tool, and Slim would then either be balanced to be good at high levels but completely stomp pub monsters.

However, if it only increased the reload speed by about 1.5x, then it wouldn’t be as punishing for low levels but be that certain icing that good Slims would need to master.


Still seems pretty powerful. It’s super easy to keep a monster in a spore cloud non-stop especially with a quick reload/switch combo. It would need a cooldown per shot like Sunny’s shield drone, 6 seconds per spore shot if it had any type of slowing effect on a monster.


I was thinking it should take about 3-4 seconds to fire again after the first shot.


Three words: Poison Spore Cloud


Are you trolling ?

Slim is stupidly strong now.


Might want to read a bit more carefully, he clearly proposed changes to the pellet recharges that would make his healing much much slower…[quote=“shadowneal, post:12, topic:101561”]
Are you trolling ?

Slim is stupidly strong now.

I think he meant in a good state of balance. Slim has almost always been either too strong or too weak, really.

Anyway, I think it’d be better if we just lowered his healing a bunch and made spores give DR or something to hunters standing inside them. Monster movement in fights is just a bit too erratic for Slim to be sporing that much, he needs to be on the Leech gun a lot.


Remember the beginning of Slim… where his clouds would cover an area in wonderfully green snow… striping the monster of any sense abililty and what not.

that 1st iteration was the best.


The pellet changes aren’t nearly enough to balance it.


You want to half his healing? Yeah, no thanks I rather them just give him an entirely new gun.


The number’s he’s given are just to set an example-

As you can see there. He’s just giving a placeholder so people can understand what he’s going for. The actual numbers can be tweaked enough such that Slim’s healing in the spore is strong enough to keep people alive but not ridiculously so, and giving him reliance on the spore for good healing would increase counterplay available to the monster a tonne.

Currently, you just have to outdamage Slim, which is very hard. All he has to do is walk up and spam two buttons. With this suggestion, Slim is no longer an infinite well of power and his performance is tied to actually using his ENTIRE kit to its full extent, which is how a hunter should be.


And that is not a good spot. My statement is correct.[quote=“Mt_Everett, post:13, topic:101561”]
Monster movement in fights is just a bit too erratic for Slim to be sporing that much, he needs to be on the Leech gun a lot.

To be fair, during the reload of the Leech Gun you always have time to throw out a spore without loosing any time leeching. If the cloud is really big or stays up really long, it will do something even against eratic moving Monsters.