(AA)Hunters as parents [Feels Warning]


What would it be like if any of the hunters were your parents together or as parent? And who would you choose as a parent or parents if you could and why?

I’m thinking of a few hunters who would make great parent material while others not so much, for obvious reason. I’m trying to consider a few first before I make my mind.

Good single parent
Val, imagine how cool having a mom who’s a super spy who kill bad people and seduces hunky mom. Imagine agent Carter , just minus the righteous complex. Maybe Black Widow would be a better comparison.

Griffin would also be an awesome dad, sometimes I lucid dream that I’m his illegitimate son that he doesn’t know about and we’d go hunting wild beasts together with uncle Korosth. Agh… Good times…

erhm… These single parents are trying though
Cabot, sure his got one of the coolest jobs in theis part of the galaxy but that honor nonsense can be too much growing up… The lost of a mother and Cabot drifting off can cause serious teen angst complex.
On the plus side you get a humorous Rank-Rajat butler who speaks a shit ton of languages and great at math, who probably will understand you better than any human can.

Slim, PTSD man… PTSD…

Lennox does she even remembers she has you?

Initially I thought Torvald would make a great daddy, I mean loom at him. But then I realized he had Moby Dick syndrome.
Move along…

Jack yeah right… I’m better off being raised by Mammoth Birds…

Bad parents together…
Hyde and Laz would make horrible parents together, the other would probably get you killed while other couldn’t care less if you died or not. So call child’s services if these are your parents and get a restraining order against them.

Maggie and Daisy, yes I want them to adopt me. Because Daisy will be a great mom, she will teach you how to become a trapjaw to be one with nature to be feared, to be free, to be sniffing monster poo… Erh ew… Maybe not so good…

Good parents

Caira and Abe , being their child would probably be like being in a romcom. Their parenting skills are questionable, imagine if every time you had a splinter your mom throws a freaking grenade at you. But they really do love you and do their best despite the constant friendly bickering.

Hank and his beard, they would make great parents together. With Hank’s beard you will never go hungry what with the unlimited refrigerated space for sandwiches and Hank will always be there to shield you when you’re too dumb to dodge any ability a monster throws at you. He can even discipline you by orbitalling your behind if the situation calls for it.

I want Sunny as my momma and Parnell as my dad, imagine how cool as parents they would be. Sunny will teach you how to make cool robots and trasty cupcakes and Parnell can teach you how to become a man, learn about the war, play sports and read comics together.

Gobi and Kraken came close though, but then in realized I can’t live on bird food and salty hunter tears. And that Kraken is not a hunter… So that also means Miley is out for you @10shredder00.

Who would you guys pick and why? Which hunter(s) would you avoid?

For the single parents reading this, have this self cloaking cupcake

as a sign of our appreciation as Human beings to each other.

Fifth Monster: Fan Concept Art (DONE) | Miley her spider petz (Arachnophobia Warning)



I decide that Caira and Jack should adopt you,




Please staph with the Caira and Abe stuff ;_;

Other than that cool thread. Enjoyed reading through it :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I like how my comment spawned a thread

What about crow and slim they would make equally horrible parents

And we KNOW Lennox is a bad mother… I mean look at jack’s, she owns shear and lives in a giant suit of armor… But her son looks homeless and build stuff out of junk…


Too much salt is bad for you…[quote=“moiser, post:5, topic:72726”]
cool thread. Enjoyed reading through it :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you liked it, I’m thinking of adding more about monsters but then I realized it could get super weird if I started doing it will turn into That Thread

Yes I would’ve kept it there but I wanted other people to submit parents too and I didn’t want to derail the thread.

I dunno, Crow would be cool I think. But paired with Slim and you’re going to get a lot of problems. :laughing:

Poor Jack is neglected :cry:, Shear is truly a lawless place. Really fits his Lost Boys lore though, here he has this amazing mother who probably doesn’t give a damn about him.

I think he is homeless, @matthew is Jack homeless? Where did he stay before the Crew pick him up, was he always with his mom before?


Well apparently she loses track of him on her monster infested home planet and when she finds his butt she asks him when he bathed

So even if she doesn’t care about his well being she does care about his hygiene


Just a friendly reminder that we need to keep character shipping within the confines of parentage and go no further. :sunny:


Livin on the frontier with Crow as ma daddy wouldn’t be so bad. Only if Hank is my cool uncle of course. Sunny and Parnell would leave you too wholesome and well balanced to be very interesting at all. Val or Abe are hard to consider. They’ve killed a lot, and not just in war situations or because they had too, and they just seem too i dunno, callous about the act of killing, they don’t enjoy it per say, but it doesn’t disgust them, and it doesn’t seem they require much justification either. Hyde is an avatar of destruction and takes joy in chaos, he’d be fun to have as a friend in a fight, not pops material. Caira seems like she could go the Lennox route and become absorbed in her work, to busy to parent. Slim seems like a good man, but his illness would likely cause more stress than he or the child could handle. I actually think Bucket would be fantastic at parenting once he learned to be a tad more stern. Cabot could be good, but also might be TOO authoritative. Maggie might be a bit harsh, but I can’t see anything but fairness comin out of her.
In closing i’d say Maggie and Crow are my folks, and Bucket and Hank are my Rad Uncles.


I think I’ve kept the shipping well under raps and talked mostly on how individually they’d contribute as a parent and not ship them but just put them in roles.

Being raised could be like Maggie raised by Michonne minus the funny mother instinct and cool sword.

Good choice, especially the uncle ones. I always see Hank as a good supportive Uncle figure with good morale, I dunno why but for me I would love if Crow was my uncle, maybe its because he’s so cool or because he’s so suppressive than swing him open up really interests me.


~robots will choose Bucket for obvious reasons~


It wasn’t directed at you, just a general note for the topic. :wink:


I don’t really “ship” anyone, but is that against the rules? That seems odd.


Only because every time it happens it gets out of hand. The rule was the consequence of prior events.


People have taken it way too far.


I just wanted to make it clear in case the other mods get the wrong idea with the thread.

Yeah some people for really out of hand faith shipping, I was suspended once for shipping Jack and Torvald… Though in my defense it was never sexual or half as bad as some of the weird stuff you could see around here.



hahahaha I mean, I couldn’t imagine how bad this got out of hand, I wasn’t there. I’m not crying injustice or anything, it just seems kind of hilarious that imagining fictional characters in a relationship together escalated to the point that it is officially banned. It feels like i just dragged a corpse into the room


it just seems kind of hilarious that imagining fictional characters in a relationship together escalated to the point that it is officially banned