A Wraith player's opinion on Wraith

I am among the top 5 Wraiths on PC and would like to share my opinions on the Monster.
I’m probably far from the best players in game, but have invested significant time in playing the Wraith and have learned a lot about this specific monster’s strengths, weaknesses, and her place in the game.
I have invested roughly 450 hours into the game, 60 of which have been spent playing as the Wraith (according to the score boards).

Wraith was for a while, a hot topic on the forums. Mostly because of her mobility, which was far too fast in her earlier iterations. Doming her was impossible. Keeping track of her equally so. But in her current form she seems to have slipped below the community’s collective radar and barely seems to get discussed anymore.
I however feel that she should be more of a talking point than ever.

When I first played the Wraith, the character instantly clicked with me. I knew right away “This is MY monster”. She’s fast. she’s brutal. she’s my favorite character class, the glass cannon.

In the current state of the game Wraith is by far the best pub-stomper out there. I feel that she works well and fulfills the current role for which she is designed, hit and run combat, however there are a number of issues with the monster which I feel need addressing.

I feel that Wraith is one of the lesser seen monsters in the game, and the consensus for some reason seems to be that Wraith is the [weakest of the monsters.][1]

I don’t believe this is the case but I can see why the community appears to think this way.
First and foremost, Wraith is a three skill monster, unlike her four skill brethren.
Decoy is trash. There is not a single situation where taking a point in Decoy over another skill will benefit you, and this is due to the fundamental design of the skill.
The core point of the skill is “it makes you invisible”, while this sounds good on paper for the monster you have to bare in mind that taking Decoy denies the Wraith a point in one of it’s other essential skills.

Wraith is a glass cannon. She’s super squishy, but her damage is fantastic to compensate for this. Invisibility does nothing to help her to this end.
If you’re stage one Decoy looks like an amazing pick up, it makes you invisible and creates a decoy making running much easier. This is a bad thing for both the Monster and the Trappers.
The monster wastes an ability point which could later boost her damage output in order to gain an ability that aids her in doing nothing but run. Decoy is horrendously bad when used in combat. The damage is not just bad, but uncontrollable. Any good team of hunters can avoid the Decoy’s damage entirely.
If the Wraith does take Decoy it is easy enough to the hunters to compensate for but more often than not just makes for a longer, more drawn-out game.
The ability is anti-fun for both teams. The is no visceral feed-back for doing damage with the Decoy since you’re often running in the opposite direction, and likewise with the hunters the ability is just an annoyance.
When the ability is this bad, this poses the question, why take it at all?
When all the other monsters with far worse mobility than the Wraith can get stage two without such an ability, why not invest in the ground work to turn your stage two Wraith into a walking (floating) nuke?

My win-rate with Wraith is pretty damn high, in the high 90%s even, and I have achieved this by never taking Decoy. The skill is trash as I’'ve stated and desperately needs a rework.

What is pretty great about Wraith however, is her other skills which just about manage to compensate for the Decoy being so utterly worthless.

Warp Blast feels good, and is precisely where I feel it should be right now. I can be dodged with coordination and fulfills the role that it should in a way that it should. Using the ability deals heavy damage, but forces the Wraith into the center of the fight, forcing the Wraith to use it tactically.

Abduction is an amazing ability, but it’s scaling feels bad.
I win the majority of my games at Stage 2, with a single point in Abduction. Don’t mistake me, Abduction is a fantastic ability and core the Wraith’s gameplay, but when a single point gives you all the range you could ever need and additional points provide nothing but addtional damage, once the first point in the skill has been taken there doesn’t seem to be much point in additional investment until you get stage 3, and that’s if you even need to go stage 3.
I don’t feel that swapping the abilities scaling statistic to range would work as a fix would work, as the Wraith needs the range for the skill to be effective.
The skills does need some further tweeking in terms of target tracking, I still feel there are far too many situations where a sure hit doesn’t land, and others when a complete miss will still grab a target. I feel additional changes are also requires in order to allow the Wraith to single out a target in a crowd. It doesn’t make sense that the skills feels like you’re firing an unmanned projectile rather than controlling an incredibly fast and precise monster.

Supernova is a troubled ability. For a while it was overpowered, then is got nerfed into garbage, and was barely worth investing in. With the recent buff it actually feels useful again, and with appropriate point investment to justify it. I’d say this skill is pretty good where it is now. It used to be the case that using Abduct while it was active would waste the ability’s entire duration, but now this is not so much the case. Perhaps another slight duration increase would benefit it, but otherwise this ability seems ok as it is.

The main problem with Wraith lies in her 4th useless skill, Decoy.
As I’ve said it sounds great on paper, but when you’re actually fighting the hunters, doing the thing you’ve been preparing for the whole game, Decoy just does nothing. Pouncing from stealth which the game seems to encourage you to do for some reason, both in loading screen tips and with mastery challenges, is utterly, laughably pointless.
Firstly, any competent team of hunters will shoot you off your target in seconds if you use this in combat. Secondly, landing a good pounce doesn’t need this ability and isn’t helped by it. Landing a pounce isn’t something that should be rushed within a time window. It is something that takes time, patience, and careful consideration of your enemy’s positioning. Finally, pouncing from stealth unsurprisingly breaks stealth and the decoy, further alerting the hunters that you aren’t stealthed anymore and wasting the ability. If you got a damage bonus for pouncing for stealth I could see this being viable. But you don’t. So its not.
The main problem the deters me from picking Decoy is that it is simply unreliable in every way. It needs to be swapped out for another skill which is capable of dealing reliable damage or having more significant impact on the flow of the game. As it is, every other skill of every other monster can deal reliable damage but Decoy.

Wraith is still amazing at hit and run tactics thanks to her other skills, she is definitely one of the more punishing monsters and again its easy to see why the majority of the community seems to think she is weak at the moment, but once you master her she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

In my personal experience there has been but one team composition which has ever posed a problem for me, which is Slim, Hank, Maggie, Hyde. I don’t think this is so much a problem with the monster so much as it is with this specific composition of hunters being broken as shit right now, but that’s a whole other thread on it’s own which would most likely be titled “Hyde’s greandes need a nerf so bad it is unreal”.

But I digress.

To sum up, Wraith needs some love. Her Decoy just needs to be scrapped altogether and replaced with something else. Abduction needs to be much more reliable and less buggy considering how dependent on the skill she is. Warp blast is great and Supernova needs some minor tweaking.
[1]: STRONGEST Monster Poll


If you want wraith to get buffed just keep saying it’s under powered and also if decoy gets buffed in any way I’m quitting out of every game when I see a wraith because of decoy spamming. Yes, it’s still a thing I did a 27 minute game today only to win by time after the wraith killed everyone but me ( it was pubs so no wonder decoy is used) I just don’t enjoy the running sim bad wraith players provide. Wraith is the coolest I definitely agree

I agree completely. From what I’ve played both as and against Wraith, this certainly seems reasonable and a step in the right direction.

I have played Long time with 3WP/3Decoy build and stomped many pubs, becurse it was easy, the brutal dmg was good and gettet nerved now after decoy runs out i have just Warpblastet the almost dead hunter.
I never runned the full match away with this build but it was to cheesy and and i get Feared after a time from the Community [instaleaves included].
Getting fast stage 2 and then Aimbrushed the hunters or attack them.
But i agree pls change Decoy to a other Ability dont let the Ai do your Work.
The others 3 abilitys are fine, decoy only frustaiting the hunter becurse it is immortal for a short time and deals good dmg or killed a hunter if he has no jetpack.
Pls give us another ability.

Greetings, Feng de la Biatch

Totally agree with all of your points. I’m 100% for scrapping decoy. I understand a lot of development time went into the ability, but it is anti-fun by its very nature. The only Wraith’s that are picking decoy are doing it because they want to be able to freely run until stage 3. Maybe that’s a harsh assessment, but Decoy can’t be useful in combat without being OP.

With that in mind, ideas for a replacement ability should consider a few things:

  • No more traversal. The community has been pretty clear that Wraith cannot have any more traversal than it currently does.
  • No more AoE burst. Again, WB/SN are sufficient and there are some that still complain Wraith is too bursty.
  • That leaves AoE Damage over Time or Single Target DoTs. I think it would be awesome and totally fit Wraith’s kit to have a relatively weak single target DOT.

Here are a few ideas for such a DoT:

  • Molecular Phasing - The next target you attack becomes Phased. While Phased the target takes a small amount of damage every tick. This damage ignores shields. This damage cannot interrupt abilities.

  • Warp Gate - The next target you attack becomes surrounded in a warp field. While in that warp field the target (and those nearby) move at X% reduced speed. (This would be fine if non-targeted as well, like banshee mines).

  • Unstable Void - The next target you attack becomes Unstable. While Unstable the target takes a small amount of damage every tick. ALL creatures (including the Hunters AND the Wraith) who are near the Unstable creature also take damage. This damage cannot interrupt abilities.

These are just quick ideas, but notice how all of them require the wraith to HIT, and all of them add numerous tactical possibilities that are relevant to battle. They reward smart aggressive play while allowing hunters a counter. Last but not least, they fit the “flavor” of the Wraith.

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You wont make any friends doing things like that and it’s just not a good build against a team that has any jet pack management

When wraith got nerfed on ps4, i actually was willing to play the character without decoy and it was super fun. I had hated people using wraith for so long that when i saw tons of people stop playing it, i knew it was finally alright to play the character and not be considered cheap as shit. Every match i go in with the mentality like i am going to try and attack them every second if i can with abduction. It makes fun games, which are winnable most of the time.

Thats why i changed to 3Wp/2 Abduct/1Sn almost garantet hit for WP after abduct.
Decoy is Just frustaiting to both Hunter and Wraith its a cheap way to win and dont make me proud.
Somtimes the decoy dont do anything.

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I’m a Wraith main as well… I completely disagree with your opinion of the decoy… It’s my core ability, I do not want it scraped or changed further… It’s great both as a offensive weapon and a escape tool… My early build is 2 decoy, 1 warp blast and ability cool down perk… Stage 2 I fill out both abilities to max and fight the hunters… At stage 3 (if needed) I go all into abduct… I too have a over 90% wlr and this build suits me fine… The supernova in my opinion is the worthless ability… Different strokes for different folks, pls don’t mess with decoy Devs… Happy hunting

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If anything it needs to be nerfed because of the people who just keep running and popping decoy waiting for it to weaken someone just praying and hoping it works super well the people that play like that ruin the game nobody wants to run for a twenty something minute game to just shoot an invincible decoy

I agree, that’s a shit way to play this game as monster… But it’s not the Wraiths (character) fault for this play style… I’ve also fought Goliaths that run till stage 3, krakens & behemoths that run, and run till they get to stage 3… This a player play style, that is use with every monster and makes for boring games…

The wraith is simply the most effective and common running monster

I don’t think that any ability is going to be entirely scrapped and replaced for ANY of the monsters or hunters in this game, guys. It’s not how it’s going to work, though of course they might balance them. That’s how they were designed and how they work

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@Creation_Chaos this topic should interest you

It does, I have been watching it. For the most part I agree. At this point decoy is part of people strategies so getting rid of it is a bad choice. If they could make it smart and lower the damage I would be ok with it. It needs so much damage because of how dumb it can be. I think what has always been what made Wraith have a bad name is decoy though because when you do get hit by decoy it feels cheap and that is the problem. A homing indestructible high damage move is infuriating to get hit by but for the most part its off set by its hit or miss nature. Not to mention it is no fun for the hunters and for the most part encourages boring game play.


Yeah I use Decoy as a heavy damage dealer. It’s funny to watch the Decoy go on an incapacitated Hunter and just eat them up through the shields and the heals. Granted I do feel it needs a rework… not a nerf in damage like what TRS did. It needs to be more controllable THEN we can talk about the damage reduction. Maybe have the AI take over your real body as it runs the other way in the direction you were pointing upon activation while you use the Decoy to get some good damage in? Maybe?

Who knows, maybe the new Monster will be what all the Glass Cannon users hope for. I guess we will see right? I can’t imagine the new Monster having a ton of Armor or HP with that body type.

None of those monsters turn invisible or have almost instant traversals

I disagree, Wraiths traversal is actually pretty bad it’s been slowed and still has a very small range making Goliath and even Krakens just as good or even better.

In my experience against Wraiths that don’t fight till stage 3, and pop a lot of decoys along the way… They simply CANT fight! Usally it’s just a poor monster player in general, And put up little fight when it does get to the final relay show down… I see what your saying in that, the ability to go invisible makes it easier to run away… Do to the wraiths limited health and armor pools, they get caught and punished for it eventually… It’s anoying having to chase 20+ minutes… But that’s evolve sometimes… And Arena Mode is a nice change from hunts long chases… Any good monster player, regardless of the character they play with, and especially in Pub games, is going to want to reach stage 2 as fast as possible and work on putting strikes on hunters… A poor player is going to run, run, run and fight a stage 3 when they have their best shot

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What he said :wraith: