A word on Evolve (and the future)


#This game concept is awesome.
The graphics are great. So why is the player pool so low? Gameplay.

In a new realm of possibilites, there seems to be little concern about longetivity or even quality to the customer (bugs, matchmaking issues, balance issues).

After an $85 initial investment (preorder + “season pass”), I must say that I expected more. The hard part is over: the game’s out, many have purchased… so why is there no care for service after the sale?

###What would bring people back?

New game modes. There have been several suggested (2 monsters v 8 hunters, arena style deathmatch), but we’re stuck with hunt and the occasional forced rescue, defend, or nest.

Fix the bugs. I know it’s difficult, but the history of bugs in production are a bit embarrassing. Why not use a small piece of the millions made to hire additional programmers to help sort it out?

Balance. On a game that demands neutral balance, there have been many… issues. Some of these are blatant, but could be easily remedied via your micropatch system if I understood it correctly.


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