A word of respect for Bethesda


I love Bethesda. Do you? If so tell me your favorite Bethesda game (like Skyrim, Fallout, etc)My favorite is Fallout 3, there just isn’t anything like roaming Washington DC and Fighting Deathclaws with melee weapons (actually I did that in Fallout: New Vegas but whatevs)


I gotta Go Skyrim: wasn’t a big fan of FO3


I will go with fallout 3 with a close second with oblivion. I just put so many hours into those games.


Tell you the truth.I played Skyrim but never liked it.Never played any Fallouts.The only game i played from Bethesda which i liked was Wolfenstein.

I need to try out Fallout but yeah…I don’t have any experiences with Bethesda :slight_smile:


Did you ever make a really good speed potion and break the speed of sound? :smiley:


You see that red one? THATS YOU (I’m calling you different pls no h8)


Bethesda is kinda sue happy I hear…


… Shaddup


They do make awesome games and I really hope they make a new Elder scrolls or Fallout. It’s a ghost town on the current gen consoles right now. We needs some new RPG’s. Dark souls can only hold me over for so long!


I did I also liked to just destroy my character stats with skooma! :smiley:


I love elder scrolls games, but I am with you. I didn’t really like Skyrim.




Bethesda can go (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) those mother (Bleep) (Bleep) pieces of (Bleep).

They are the ones that wanted to take ~40% of profits from mods in the steam store. that plus valve’s cut meant the actual author of the mod would be left with 25%!


Are you sitting their thinking what this game might be like if it was made by bethesda? lol


Ppl choose what they pay for, and what they charge for. If a modder wants to charge money for his mod, its his right. Just like its in your right to choose whether to buy it or not. Whats definitely wrong is that the modder only keeps 25% when he did all the work.


I have played Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

Tons of fun!

Also KotOR is amazing


HUGGGGE fallout 3 fan

Waiting on a new fallout to come out

Wasn’t a fan of new Vegas. It was fun, but didn’t have that apocalyptic badass wastelander feel to it.

Some other Bethesda mentions (other than elder scrolls): dishonoured and Wolfenstin



This is actually debatable. I haven’t read the terms and conditions, but I’m pretty sure you cannot monetize mods for a game you didn’t make… Steam had to get the OK from bethesda before putting a paywall on mods in the workshop.

Same reason I can’t create a modified ROM for Pokemon Yellow and go around selling it. Sure I made the rom myself… but Nintendo would release several dozen lawyers on me.


I have to agree with @KingWut117. They may have done all the mod-work, but in the end it’s still a mod for a game whose core is a requirement for your mod to work. The devs laid the groundwork and an engine that’s easy enough to modify just so it’s easier for you to mod it. And I think his analogy of selling a Pokemon ROM is pretty accurate.

Also, mod-makers aren’t being paid currently anyway. They don’t create mods for money, but because they love the game they’re modding and want to expand on its features. Since it’d be a choice whether to monetize on it or not, if I made a mod I’d be more inclined to look at it in terms of “Do I still make this mod free so everyone can use it?” or “Do I want to make some spare cash on the side?”

Besides, obviously neither party expected the uproar, so they didn’t understand the community as well as they thought they did. With that had they given it more of a chance, they might’ve been more flexible in their rates.


Really the BEST way for any sort of money to be given to modders is a donation button.

All mods are free (or pay what you want starting at 0$) and if you like the mod, or the dev or w/e, you donate.