A wish list for all


This is just a few things i would like to see in the game at some point or just for your hopes and dreams. Please don’t rant/complain about broken things in the game this is not the place for that.

News UI being bigger and interactive.
Matchmaking being reworked
Accolades keeping track of your progress even after completion.
Underwater maps (got a few ideas how this can be worked into the game with out changing too much).
Monsters getting a pop up where exactly griffins sounds spikes are.
Tutorials being re-workd a bit.
Monsters smelling sound could be reduced.
Adding some challenges for solo play, so it doesn’t disturb online games and the reward being badges.
Change the achievement/trophy for premades, cause you know ForeverAlone.jpg.
Cut back on the future mid-air hunter challenges please?
New maps thats have the wildlife from the hunter quest app.
Sound based and a plant based monster.
A behemoth sweat that actually looks like him not just some picture.
A dinosaur hunter
3 other buckets trapper assuslt medic
A Q & A with the devs whenever time allows it.
Ship map.
Lazuras finally put his plan into motion for bringing a monster(stage3) onto the ship and the hunters have to kill the monster again in the ship before it kills everyone and destroys everything (game mode).
A roar taunt.
custom evacuation In solo and custom play.
Not being kicked if all the hunters leave the game.
monster skins that completely change the monsters - battle scared skins
Make it so that hunters don’t waste jetpack fuel climbing up cliffs.


Smell has a 360 degree AOE, with good range, the sound cue Monsters make is suppose to be a risk and counter. If the Hunters are close enough for them to hear it then you should use it more conservatively.

Smell reveals sound spikes. This change would cripple Griffin since they make an audible pinging sound when active as well. Sneaking counters his spikes relatively well too.


Like i said its just a wish list and i’d rather not argue about those points here.


Ship map… titanic 2.0 :smiley:


inb4 everytihing devolves to Val and Markov on the ship’s prow.


I meant the space ship but a normal ship sounds good too :0


Hunters first please. ^.^


I dont have any ideas for hunters thats why i put the monster battle scared skin down. Though if you have anything in mind feel free to add what you want to see (:


Start off basic, with full body colour skins like with monster. That should be implemented first. ^.^


Love those ideas! Especially the Lazarus resurrect ship disaster! Hahahaha would be so much fun and hectic


Not to good with color and patterns. Though i have an idea for hyde. Embers on his beard with some ridiculous looking fire proof jacket so he doesnt burn off those manly chest hairs. one for bucket that people seem to like a tuxedo skin complete with a monocle and top hat his turrets get it too.


Lessovik’s doing, but he’s not been around for awhile.


Agree with most of these things, although the balance changes for smell and sound spikes are pretty unnecessary.


Nah you have smell for that

[quote=“Bazorias, post:1, topic:57890”]
Monsters smelling sound could be reduced.
[/quote] It should not be any quieter than it is.


damn man spoken like a true hunter. its not like the spikes are easy to see… and its ridiculous people can hear you smelling over 50 meters away with the right headset


I play Monster a lot too and sound spikes don’t really bug me. They are not that hard to find and you can sneak around them. If you get within 15 meters and don’t see them with smell then that is on you. As far as smell goes it is xray vision that covers everything within 60 something meters in every direction. It should give you away if someone is listening for it.


Ok guy whatever floats your boat im sure you’re so mlg pro nothing affects you


Jesus Christ, no. What’s the point of Griffin’s spikes then?

The wildlife in Hunter’s Quest are all creatures that were cut from the game.



He’s being serious. That’s not MLG pro stuff, that’s something basic every monster should be able to do.


whatever everyone on this forum is pro and great at this game its ok everyone wants to flex their e-peen