A way to use torvalds mortars now. (Until future patch)

Aim at your fellow teammates.

Shoot at them with the same determination and aim as if you’re shooting at the monster.
If the monster is heading towards the medic.
Shoot the medic.
If he’s going after support, shoot your support. :smiley:


I like how Torvald is balanced. He’s an assault based on anticipation. Pre nerf he was just shoot and hope it hits for freelo. He still does the most damage out of all of the assaults in realistic scenarios. He also has free weakpoints, and a shotgun that brings a ton of pain while the mortars are on CD or if they aren’t in a good situation to be used. He’s unappreciated, but I feel incredibly balanced.


Well, yea That was how I used to do it before the nerf, now I have to activate my psychic powers so that I can still do it.
In other words I used to do that WHILE or just before a teamate would get focused so there is ultimate punishment, now I have to make an educated guess. and when I get it right… OH BABY LOOK AT THE HEALTH JUST VANISH :smiley:
Although they are a bit on the slow side so I would like it a bit faster but not by much since I can get it to work.
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I’m not quite sure why but my mortars do almost unnoticeable damage sometimes. Do they do less damage the closer they are to you when fired?

I mean, I think Torvald is in a good place right now. The shotgun is good and the mortars really don’t take THAT long. People just haven’t given him a fair shot since he isn’t game breaking anymore.

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Have your teamates stay on the high ground while you try to stay at a lower gourd than the monster.
If you do this correctly, then the ark of the mortars is cut in half. They go up, and then explode. No down in the equation.


Also you really do have to anticipate where the Monster is going to go next, preferably a second before the Monster really knows themselves. He works well in a comp with Hank since you’re likely to rock the Monster if you just barrage Hank between shotgun blasts.

Isn’t this like…What people…Have always done?


I have…

Yeah, this has always been the way to play Torvald. O.o

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Told ya he still good, nobody believes me. All you need to do is actually predict and aim.

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That’s what I thought. So many threads with tips on Torvald telling people. o.O

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Why all this unnecessary planning and leading with the mortars for sup par damage when you can just poison grenade and flame thrower for a lot more damage right now it’s just pointless to pick him he’s to weak and it’s high risk little reward compared to the others.


That’s how I feel about it.
But Torvald is still quite fun to play. There’s a reason I rank him as the third best assault in the game.

Mostly it’s more for fun. Learn to play a lower power level hunter, and become good at it for vanities sake?


[quote=“taskforcem85, post:2, topic:65610”]
He still does the most damage out of all of the assaults in realistic scenarios.
[/quote] No no no. Parnell does the most damage.

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Mortars are ok at the moment. The problem is the weak shotgun. Mortar is not the main weapon for Torvald, it is exactly as it should be : a punishment dmg dealer if the monster is camping a body.

The shotgun has to be buff to do as more damages.

His mortars are his main weapons

If hunters (but not a monster) could see where mortars are going to land (for example as red circles on the ground) Torvald would not need any other changes.

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His shotgun does a good amount of damage, remember that you have your shrapnel grenades to help with that.

Yeah I know I know :smiley:

I just wanted to give my two cents on how I feel torvald should be played since everybody is like “BUFF his mortars!”
I mean… Yeah… They’re pretty slow and even I get aggravated too. -.-

So I guess I’m happy that they’re buffing him in the next TU?

But I’m still comftable sticking a capacity increase on him and just laying out a road of mortars.