A Way to Improve Post-Dome Figths



Currently, the dome can’t be thrown for the next 10 seconds if a hunter goes down while it is off cooldown, and not activated.

A problem I see many new monsters make is not knowing when to quit. Some monsters will continue to fight after the dome has dropped. This can only end in two ways, either the monster get’s a down or the monster doesn’t and over-commits, and possibly dies.

In case two, the monster probably deserved to lose, because they made a decision that ended up not being in their favor.

In case one, the monster made a good decision by sticking around to fight to secure that down; however, the monster spent 20 extra seconds fighting, all the while the dome has been charging and now the monster has less time to get ready for the next dome, ultimately punishing fighting that was in the monsters favor.

I propose you also delay the dome’s cooldown for 10 seconds when a hunter goes down and the dome is on cooldown. This way monsters have more breathing room for the next fight, and are rewarded for making a decision in their favor.

To prevent snowballing a monster’s advantage, downed hunters should have a passive DR, which is a change I believe hunters need within the dome,as well.

Development Feedback: Balance Bros and Brandon