A way to help newer hunters while they wait to start a match


There needs to be a better way of helping newer hunters understand the current meta of the game. Things like what wild life to watch out for, buff locations, jet pack efficiency etc. For instance during waiting screen (the one where Hyde is staring at you) there could be picture of a nomad and how to watch out for it, or it will push your shit in.

With such a steep learning curve to the game I think there needs to be a little more information provided while people wait for there matches to get set up.


I don’t think they’ll end up doing this since tutorial videos are being ripped out but I like the sentiment.


You don’t like the 30 second videos they show you right before you’re thrown into the game?


The 30 sec videos are a nice touch but It doesn’t really give you the big picture about certain aspects of the game.


Common man, the little anxiety attack before the match? It’s what keeps things interesting.


Tutorial video on how to deal with Tyrant - Mega mouth - Plant - Nomad - Sloths - Armadon (critical or elite wildlife)

Fight the wild in top of the hills … don’t be close to them . To give them an idea on what to expect and how to solve those issues


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