A way to gift friends some keys


So i m a founder so i received a lot of keys, but since intend to unlock perks by leveling up and shit, i don t really need much of my keys, and one of my friends that i play with doesn t like many of the hunters, but he s a new player and forwhatever reason he loses keys each day or whatever i have no idea what is his problem, so i wished i could gift him a bunch of keys so he could buy a bunch of hunters he actually likes and play with me and shit happily you know


Maybe if we ever get microtransactions this could become possible.
Right now the only way I know to get chunk of keys is to buy copy of Evolve and activate it, which grants founders status.


heh yeah i don t know about buying evolve lol


if you could gift keys there should be a set ammount per day or % of your total key pool or up to 5-10k limit per day on recieving account


or maybe we could gift characters and skins directly, i think that would be much better and simpler


Cost seems to be somewhere between 10 and 15 euros. Personally I don’t think it’s much for how many things you unlock but eventually you’d unlock everything anyway. Just gives a little headstart.


I always wanted to be able to gift MS points via my Xbox, but I found out that they avoid doing this so that people are less tempted to steal other accounts and gift points to themselves.

I think that would be an issue for Evolve as well.