A way to end FT3


I have bad english so excuse me if you don’t understand something :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a way to end FT3. First of all, the hunters should stop giving meat when you down them, instead make a sistem to count how many hunters you have downed. So you will need the same amount of food and down 3 hunters before be able to evolve to stage 3. This way the monsters are forced to fight if they want to evolve, and stage 3 would be a reward for wrecking the hunters. Also you should give S3 his old glory, cause nobody would run for it and if the monster reach S3 it’s only hunters fault and then the monster is supposed to destroy them all.
What do you think?(If you understand my bad english)


I think they should just buff the monsters so they won’t FT3 and actually give a fight back.


If they do that then whats going to stop a monster going to stage 3 that basically guarantees them the win?


Buffing the monsters would NOT help ft3.

It would make it worse.

Because monsters would be ft3’ing even harder so they had even better chances of winning.


The mechanic that was suggested by the TS. You would guarantee good buffs to a S1/S2 but to get the S3 you will need to give a fight and only then evolve.


Make the fighting and eating the corpses/putting an overall number of strikes obligatory to make an evolve to S3 possible. Easy, isn’t it?


Yes. I love that idea.

It would really screw over those schmucks who think FT3 is an easy win.


This wouldn’t work at mid-high level play, it’s very hard to earn strikes on Hunters only using 1pt abilities. Think for both low skill and high skilled players. Yes, I understand FT3 can be annoying. It just wouldn’t be fair for us.


And FT3 against a coordinated team is easier?


As much as this is a good discussion, I think it’s somewhat of a useless one, as the devs have stated that there are already some huge changes coming in the next update that will include major changes to reduce the “flee til three” strats viability or just make it not possible


Mitigation is a possible option yes even against coordinated teams. Its even necessary to plan how and where to mitigate to avoid to much early stages damage. Forcing a fight would create huge problems and would be needed to be adressed before requiring strikes to evolve.


Interesting idea. Might be okay if you had to down at least one hunter per evolve.

I do think that the monsters would need to be buffed to give them a chance at downing a really good team at stage 1 though. And if you buff the monster too much then why not just wipe the hunters all out at stage 1?


An OK idea, but what’s to stop the hunters from hiding and kiting forever to troll the monster since he can never get to S3 to force a relay fight?

Just something to consider :smiley_cat:


Interesting but considering the lore and game mechanics it really doesn’t make sense at all…


if its gonna be like this ( i know its not but if) then theres really no point to evolving to stage three. Monsters in their current state can stage two even competent teams. id say if TRS came up with this and didnt see it, it souldnt be three strikes on hunters.it should be 2. two suggests a longer fight where one strike would just be a quicky. but thats also assuming that the said monster isnt the type to waste a dome. Now that i state that, FT3 systems have a lot of variables to work with and i give props to TRS for doing it. You understand that because of legal reasons, TRS can no longer see this, right?


I thought that was only for character suggestions?


To touch on what someone has mentioned already, a simple buff to Monsters will do very little to curb FT3 players, in my eyes.

An example I can provide is actually a good friend of mine;

Dude is horrid in a fight, but can stage up like the best of 'em, even w/o Feed Speed. Blatant Flee-Til-Three’er aside, he at least makes it to 3 relatively quickly.

That said, despite all odds being in his favor at any point beforehand (Got a strike on Laz, a kill with Armor left over, etc.) he will just flat out refuse to continue to fight because he is not secure in his ability to end the game at that point. There have been games where he did get smoked by an Assaultless team from full HP and considerable Armor. (I did say he was pretty bad in a fight!) and it’s likely where this irrational sense of needing to get to 3 comes from.

Many a time in Voice, I’d be telling him “Dude, get back in there, you can end this right now. You ate Assault. The biggest threat to you now is Support. Just focus him down. Maggie and Caira are just going to tickle your nethers.” and he’ll give me the same old excuse “I just want to get to stage 3, to be safe.”

Granted, this situation is more about him feeling like he needs the HP and points to stand a chance, whereas many FT3 types CAN fight, but simply choose not too, the the ultimate reasoning for it is the same, and betrays the “Buff Monsters” suggestion;

Players who Flee Till 3 will ALWAYS try to gain themselves the greatest advantage before considering a voluntary engage. That Stage 2 may be able to just flat stomp this Hunter team. But he’s not the strongest he could be, so why take the risk?

In any case, it’s what I’ve garnered from my personal lab rat who practices the shameful act on a regular basis. Interested to see these methods TRS are implementing to discourage/break the FT3 strat. Can’t wait.


i assume not, for the same reasons the legal issues play for character suggestions, it would play the same way for anything. but idk, thats just my assumption


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