A way to enable Developer Console?


AFAIK, the console is compiled out for retail. It’s not something we’d want to leave in for folks.


Sorry, we had to remove the command console due to its potential for cheating.


lmao the irony. Cheating should not be a concern to leave a console out. Enough games have a console and less cheater than Evolve right now.
You could show additional infos in there, damage numbers, chat… all sorts of usefull stuff.

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I’ve used the console plenty of times in L4D(2) and Fallout 4. I’ve just never used it to the extent of per-character keymapping and menu bypassing.

It’s perfectly reasonable. Hackers currently use 3rd party hacks. If the console was left in, someone could tinker with it and find an easy way to godmode and noclip.

Because Evolve is F2P. Because players don’t need to pay money, what difference does it make if they hack or not? Other F2P games have hacking problems too. Back in Legacy, there wasn’t very many hackers because the game costed money.

But rarely would people use it. Like I said, there is no real incentive to go around in console IF Evolve were to have one. Sure, you can tinker with keymapping and UI stuff, but TRS feels it’s unnecessary for players to access it. You can’t cheat items in, or change numbers, or characters, so it’s useless It was dead weight to TRS.


that´s what happens in counter strike, right? the whole game is full of console cheaters -.-

You don´t have to bring up the reasons why its out. They decided not to, that´s fine. But saying that it has no use or that it attracts cheater is just plain false.


I can think of one game that some how some way that some genius moved the dev console to a Xbox 360 version of the game and did it to ruin the game for others and it would most definitely happen to the xbox1 version of evolve.


what do you need a console on an xbox? cl_maxfps 30?


Easy to hack. The game was L4D maybe it was or wasn’t but the were running a command prompt that you could easily see just like the one you could use in solo campaign on the PC version.


i am really not sure what you want to tell me here. Consoles are per default not hackers paradise. Client side games are. So i think it is pretty weird to disable a console in your game out of fear of cheaters but make it client side, so people can happily use 3rd party tools.


I remember I would use Developer Console in Garry’s Mod all the time
Almost nobody cheats in that game.


I’m going to guess the reason it was taken out in fear of cheating is because a lot of combat affecting mechanics are calculated client side, like the hit detection system.
Basically, the client say:
"I myself calculated I hit the monster, with this many pellets at this location, server please deal deal appropriate damage."
as opposed to the client saying to the server:
“I hit the fire button, please check on the server if I’m pointing the right direction and can deal damage”.

So if you had direct access to the console you could probably manually trigger the damage dealing command that would otherwise be sent after the game sense you hitting the monster with a bullet.

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is this how you think it works or do you have any background in this matter… at all?


I dunno if it’s still super common but most people who’ve played a bethesda game have used console commands it’s pretty much necessary since you will encounter a bug that requires either reloading or console commands to fix. Sometimes in other games I’m forced to enable it though which some people might not bother with.


I think you broke the link there.

And no I do not know Evolve work on a technical level, but if look at the hacks we have been seeing recently, they aren’t just simple aimbots, they do things like affect range, pellet spread and pierce walls (Ignore lacks of LoS) and CDR modification which would be impossible hacks should these things been done server side as the client does not have direct access there.

One should never trust the information from a client when it comes to networking. Everything should either be done server side (bullets, damage etch) or confirmed server side (movement and other things that you want to be smooth).

Edit: the link you fixed backs my observation, the modified client (hacker) is saying “I’m on the ground shooting the monster with this amount of damage like it’s completely normal” and the server is like “Well, the client would never lie. No need to confirm, I’ll tell the other players the damage was done as you said.”

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did he need a console? no. This isn´t something like “oh yeah there is a console, i might start hacking”. This is completely irrelevant.


Are you talking to me or the dev now?

Because I only added some (potentially wrong, but possible true) explaination as for why they couldn’t leave it in, as you seem rather upset about this.

Multiplayer games that have consoles available like most source games and etc don’t do damage client side, so other than applying the wireframe material you can’t modify the game.
Evolve seems to be built a completely different way that do allow you to affect others with the console, hence it’s not a possibility unless they re-write a lot stuff which just not feasible.

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I have removed your video because it violates one of the forum rules about no name shaming (which is mentioned in our community guidelines you can find in the thread below)

If you haven’t send that video to one of the developers, I strongly suggest you do. Check out this post to know who to contact:


How can this be name shaming when you don´t even know who hacked? That´s a generous interpretation of the rules on your part. But whatever, your call.

you know… censoring something doesn´t magically make it go away :wink:
I agree with the close, the question was answered.

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You have already received an answer to why the console is not available to the public.

About naming and shaming, it is within the rights of @flamand_quebec13 to censor any kind of cheating or hacking videos we come across to the public forums.

If you want to report someone, do it through the official channels which @flamand_quebec13 has already linked to you (and I thank them for that).

If you can stick to the rules when giving your feedback, you will never have an issue with us, we’ll most likely just pop in and thank you.

Closing thread as the answer to the original question has already been given by @snowkissed and @ArPharazon. Thank you guys. :bucket_salute: