A way to change servers

I’m a brazilian player and I hope if is possible to create some alternative to change with servers. The problem is a few players on my region and this make much hard to get into a match with complete occupied slots.

You can change where you connect in Steam I believe, are you on PC?

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If you are on PC you go to Steam/Settings and switch your download region to another one you wish.That way Evolve will put you in the same servers

You know… I always look at these “change server” things and it always comes back to me.

^That there is dota’s “choose a server” thingymajig. I dont know if it’d be possible to work something like this into Evolve, but hey. It’d be cool.
Flies awaaaaaaaaay


You can change region in Steam, works the same I believe.

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No, guys.
I play the game via PS4… Hehhehe
But thanks.
The only way to connect in another server on PS4 is joining one friend that’s have a PSN account on other region…

No, I’m on PS4… Hehehe

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I don’t know how to help you then. : /

Can you imagine that the other competitor of Dota(League of Legends), requires you to pay to be able to switch servers?And if someone is from another server, u can’t play with them. -.-

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Yes, I have an account on LoL, but I have friends on American server, I didn’t pay for switch with servers because I have friends in my current server… This makes me crazy… —.—

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