A way to balance Val's sniper


So I keep seeing people about on about how it’s totally balanced and fine etc because it allows you to do 2X damage while Lazarus’s only gives you 1.5. Then there are people saying "Oh but with Cabot it gives you such a damage boost.

So essentially saying the only way it’s balanced is if you have a certain other hunter with you.

The other claim made is that the spots are bigger and last longer (might need to see this one proved to believe it) However the amount of Val Tier 2 sniper threads asking if it’s bugged suggests it’s not being hit which makes me question if it is any bigger.

So I thought of a few possible ways it could be balanced,


  • Buff the damage multiplier to 3x (people have said this would make VAL too powerful with Cabot but considering the accuracy needed to be useful on a moving target it would mean Val’s slower fire rater would be compensated for) Basically high skill ceiling rewards.

  • Armour piercing rifle that actually pierces armour. Instead of a damage buff shooting the points Val makes does 1x armour damage and at the same time 0.8X health damage (as long as there is armour left) This would mean being hit with the sniper early game would be a pain for the monster and reward the team being able to catch a shot off on a monster trying to run from them.

  • Armour Piercing high calibre for this I’m thinking something similar the the Elephant Gun in the Film Tremors 2. The gun creates weakspots on both sides of the creature (it passes through in essence) This would mean Val being able to aid her team even if the monster is between them by creating weakspots they can hit

So what do people think ?

Anyone have any other ideas ?

The main reason for this is to make Val’s sniper a unique weapon rather than a seemingly less effective version of Lazarus’s


I don’t think VAL needs anything done to her at all.


I bet you play monster all the time don’t you >.> I have Elite Val , She needs buffs to everything… I agree with this poster , Cause he agrees with me on my post … The one worthless weak spot that Val can put on a monster is not enough to even worry about using her rifle , In other words it would be better if Turtle Rock got rid of her rifle. Her Risk Reward as a Medic are not worth what she has right now.


If I’m not mistaken, Cabots amp damage is the same ammount as Val’s small hit spot. Val’s spot is 2X damage, Cabots amp damage is “100%” damage, aka, 2X damage. The only difference is that Cabots amp damage makes the entire monsters hitbox a 2X damage buff and weapons, such as Markov’s lightning gun, can actually benefit from it.

I hate the medic class entirely so I’m can’t state if Val (my least favorite charactor) may or may not need.


She’s the lowest picked Medic out of the three. She’s too dependent on team comp meaning she needs Hank to not get focused and killed easily and she heals rather slow with her Medgun.


well VAL is actually pretty fine i think - her overall ability to slow down a monster, damageboosts and heal + healburst makes her viable alot.

the problem with lazarus simply is, that hes not healing, hes not dealing damage and hes NOT supporting the team.
its pretty much like using bucket as the support, no shield, no airstrike, no damageboosts no nothing to support the team (hes not a support class actually i would say).


It’s pissing me off. I like Val because imo she’s the most fun to play. I like seeing my expose points on the monster’s head. They just don’t deal that much more damage :/. And it’s better to stay on the tranq gun than to switch. And yeah, the healing gun regen is far too slow.

It’s like … the mastery bonus is capacity, but you don’t need capacity with her med gun. You need “attack” speed. To apply the heal faster. If there was a perk like that it would maybe render Val viable, but right now she’s not. Val <=> Hank = down Hank (Val can’t sustain heal), then down Val, then win.

If no Hank, just down Val and win.

Her toolkit needs “something”. Either fully embrace the mi sniper/heal feeling. Make her sniper truly effective/powerful (burst fire for multiple weaknesses ? bypass armor ? go through the armor resulting in two weaknesses ? faster reload ? 3x damage multiplication ? SOMETHING ?) or make her a more viable healer by boosting med gun.

I would go the first road. That way Val stay in her “sustained healing” + sniper niche. Let Caira do the heavy healing, and Laz on the device.

But she needs some tweaks yeah. She’s weak compared to other healers, and no character should need another one to be effective.


I think the problem with the sniper is not that it is bad but that her other abilities are simply too important for her to swap to it often. In most fights you will be almost constantly on the medgun or tranq to control the monster/fight. You just don’t have time to swap to the sniper and line up a shot. Mostly I would just like to see her weakpoints last for way longer, or maybe even until they are hit. They just don’t last long enough for hte time it takes to hit them when you could be tranq darting or healing.


I think the only one of your solutions that is viable is the last one, the first two could be way too easily exploited


this. The sniper rifle is pretty much useless in its current state. Only time it should be even considered using it is when you have 100% item swap perk. Then you MIGHT put two or three weak spots on a monster before you have to switch to healing. I often play assault and with Val it’s always the same. She creates one weak spot in a random place(no time to aim precisely) . Now,should I aim for the head(always 2x damage) or the leg with the weak spot(which is harder to hit consistently and takes less damage by default anyway)? That’s how 90% of my games with Val look like. No big difference when I’m playing AS HER.

I’d rather have 5-8 1.5% dmg weak spots constantly than ONE 2x every 30 seconds or so.

Val is fine, her sniper rifle is not. Shit damage, shit accuracy when moving, million year reload time, billion year “swap to” time. The sniper rifle is just bad IMO.

I’d rather have it as a sort of another type of damage amp,like:

Val hits with her sniper rifle ANYWHERE= damage to the monsters head is tripled instead of doubled for a set amount of time.
Everyone goes for the head(which is often easier to hit than the weak spots) and Val doesn’t have to focus too much on her shitty gun.

Plus accuracy when moving. Killing a reaver with Val is hard when you do it while on the run. With Laz you spam and can ADS for precision and with Caira you’ve got AOE. With Val you have to STOP-AIM-SHOOT. I hate it.


I play monster most of the time but I like to switch to Hunters as well. And as you guys already stated I think Val’s weakpoint sniper is weak itself. The overall mechanic of it is nice, but the reload is way too slow. 75% faster reload and something like a beam instead of a bullet would be nice. The beam has a bigger shot size so easier to hit but still the same size of the weakpoint. Just make it easier to actually hit with it.