A Video For Those Saying That Behemoth Is Underpowered


This is post micro-patch gameplay and if you ask me I’ve never felt so powerful in my life with any of the other monsters. If you want help or tips I’m glad to share. I’m not here to start an argument just show my opinion that Behemoth is a viable option now (whether he’s OP now is up for debate) and share some gameplay. And like all videos I share on the forums this is my gameplay and yes, that is the Elite Behemoth Skin.

Edit: Second video within Post 31.


I consider him quite balanced currently, bar a few bugs/annoyances.


Yeah me too I see people saying he’s worse than before the micro-patch and it makes me wonder one of two things. Did they spam roll and heavy attack? And if not then how did they come up with this opinion? I personally love him now he’s a great viable powerful Monster who is not to be trifled with.


This video shows bad hunter play… trapper thinking he’s rambo, their team isn’t even thogether…


2 carrion birds at the start of the game. I know that feel


Lol that too Sunny was on the team so they got sent too far. I think you’d laugh if I told you they were all level 40s and this constantly happens. Despite their levels almost every level 40 on PS4 sucks.


Lol to be honest I thought I was under a cave and they couldn’t spawn in which is why I look up.


Level means nothing, most farmed it in Evac.


Agreed never said it did but you would hope that a high level means a good amount of experience which would lead you to hope they have basic skills. These guys lacked a few for sure.


You need to be nicer to pubs, they did not stand a chance, especially that assault.


Lol really? I felt like I was bullying the trapper the most.


He was at least able to evade a little at the beginning, the assault was using shrapnel grenades, which in my opinion has meant that the torvald is either trying to do mastery or sucks.


Good point, I did notice a lack of mortars during my evolution to Stage 2.


yeeeeeeaaah this video doesn t show anything other than what happens if you are a very stupid hunter, not saying you played like shit but this doesn t showcase much than an easy win


Valid point. I might try finding another game with higher skilled hunters later on. Possibly some against my friends who I know can put up a fight.


yeah that d be wise if you want to showcase how dangerous a very good behemoth can be


I was mainly showcasing the damage potential and combinations not so much the win itself but I’ll update this thread with a different video when I get the chance.


Can’t laugh at the truth. I play PS4 also and see 40s still very much under perform at certain roles. And I agree with you also, Behemoth is at a great spot right now, very well balance. But you play Behemoth how he is suppose to be play.

Keep it up bro, hope to see you on PS4 network. :smile:


Lol I’d be glad to send a friend request your way. Me and my friends play a lot of custom games I’m sure you would enjoy the higher level play.


Sure, np. TrickDJrenji is my psn. I won’t be on tonight, but tomorrow I will.