A very simple way to fix wraith


Simple. Make the decoy deal no damage but still inferr all the rest (knock around, etc). For leveling purposes, make it “Damage absorbed”


As an avid wraith player, I can say this sounds fair


Seconded. Especially ridiculous is when Wraith uses Supernova first, the Decoy gets full damage from it.


Thirded? I agree, its supposed to just be an illusion, so why is it doing as much damage as the actual creature?


Its been comfirmed by one of the devs that the Decoy can never hit harder than the real thing even with supernova on in one of his streams with the early access streamers. In fact they said damage is actually decreased during super nova and striking speed is all that increases. But that does sound like a valid idea if they do end up nerfing something.


Ive seen the decoy kill someone who was around half health and another time my decoy managed to down 2 people when thay had 2 strikes


Goliath and Kraken can do that too with any of there abilities and stay just as mobile if they leap and fly around.


I just had awesome game against Wraith. I was Val with griffin, Hyde, and hank and we only needed seconds to finish him off. I think we should wait a bit before deciding the wraith is OP.


Maybe it’s because I’m usually with a bunch of scrubs… but I think there needs to be some sort nerf to Kraken and Goliath as well… the few rounds I’ve won as a hunter is because as a team we played flawlessly… honest I feel like the hunters should have an advantage over the monster one less bar of health for each monster and maybe 30 seconds shaved off the respawn timer would be the fairest imo


Wraith is high risk high reward, If you have good team work and communication you can successfully take out the wraith. The thing that people have a hard time with is just how agile and fast the wraith is not to mention disorienting however with good placement of your hunters and a hardcore trapper that doesn’t get decoy baited things will go fairly smooth, If anyone truely “Requires” a nerf of this particular monster that no one has had much time to learn or develop a guide to kill so you understand how he works from a hunter perspective then it would be over all small nerfs to get him back into balance with the same moblity of goliath and kraken as the Wraiths particular traversal method is much farther and quicker than any monster this allows the wraith to disengage fights to the point in less than 6 seconds hes 120 meters away and if he used decoy there is no telling where he went. Unless you have a good tracking hunter.


They nerfed them already, please no more nerfing haha. The hunters do have an advantage, its communication and complementing eachothers skills to work together in perfect harmony (man that was deep) but if a team chooses to give up that advantage by not speaking and coordinating then they will proceed to Get Rekt:P its supposed to be a team game 4v1 means the 1 should be fairly more powerful than the 4.


I don’t known maybe I just want to lose as the monster foe once… I feel like the few times I actually felt the pressure the medic was tranqing me hardcore keeping me slow and sluggish


When I simply queue up for a game solo and get the Monster, if nobody on the Hunter team has a Mic I win easily with Wraith every time. Then I made a full game with friends and was the Monster, and I thought I was going to wipe the floor with them as Wraith like I had been everybody else. What followed was a 20+ Minute marathon match where they beat me.
Communication and Teamwork is key.

I also have to say, I have played on both PC and Xbox. And I find it absolutely mind-boggling that everybody on PC seems to have a Microphone, but only about 10-15% of Xbox Players have one, even though the console came with one.


Does it also boggle the mind that people blare music and turn off game sounds? Cuz this one does me.


I didn’t play as Wraith but I played several games AGAINST Wraith and didn’t loose ANY… I am an average player so, you might say I played against “noobs” but as every thread talking about balance… It’s up to players skills/abilities… If Wraith OR Kraken OR Goliath need fixes for balance issues, it would be up to 4/5% changes, and supressing the Decoy damages is more like a 15/20% change…
Could please people stop making threads about character balance OP Nerf whatever blah blah when they played only 4 games with it?? so to speak…Could they? Huh? Thx


I highly disagree. The decoy is OP, but removing the damage leaves the Wraith a sitting duck while it waits for the Decoy to despawn. I suggest a ‘threshold’ if the decoy takes too much damage, it dies. If it is out for longer than 8 seconds, it dies. Or whatever number you like.

OR make the decoy do no damage and have the effect last shorter, but the Wraith can attack without being seen.

OR have it not take any excess from Supernova, instead having only the attack speed, not damage. OR vice versa.

I personally believe that matters should be directed to the weak, not the strong. We should raise up the Kraken before we strike down the Wraith, but I completely agree the Wraith must be brought down from it’s pedestal.


I agree with @Harry_Ellis because this game is more 65% skill and 35% what your character can do. Noob players don’t know much mainly because they haven’t seen gameplay and are just playing this beta just because they can. Those of us forum members who are in beta fully well know everything that the monster can do things like sneaking and pouncing. As well as knowing how important teamwork on the hunter side is


It does disappear after taking a lot of damage you can kill it.


Goliath is by an enormous margin the fastest monster.


If we made the Wraith’s Decoy perform no damage, then it should also get a buff elsewhere. Say this change was made. The following buffs could also be used to prevent the Decoy from being worthless.

I think that the Decoy should not flash when shot. Instead of seeing the Decoy flashing as an indicator that it’s a decoy, people could just say “I’m not taking damage! This is a Decoy!”

The Decoy does not disappear when the Wraith attacks. The Wraith loses its cloak, but the Decoy persists for the full duration.

These changes could make the Decoy remain useful, even if it doesn’t do damage.