A very interesting creature killing strategy I saw last night watching someone on Twitch


I’m sorry I forget the name of the Twitch stream I was watching, but he was at that point last night the top streamer, had thousands of viewers, said he’s played almost 200 hours. Someone it seemed from England is all I can say, was playing with a friend from England and I think some other guy named Jim??

Anyways, he was playing Cabot, monster was Wraith, and I noticed that he was one shot killing a lot of random creatures with the rail gun. Pretty much any creature he came across, he killed it (minus a couple of the really big creatures, unless they were albino). Someone asked in chat why he was doing this thankfully, because I was wondering myself.

His strategy was he was killing all the creatures because they would decay and the monster would have very little fresh meat to max feed on. And I have to admit, it appeared to work. The Wraith was able to get to stage 2, and he was a very non-aggressive Wraith and hid a lot, and at some point the hunters just camped the generator. The Wraith had plenty of time to get to Stage 3, but never did and eventually ran out of time and had to attack the generator. I’m assuming this is because it just couldn’t find enough creatures alive or dead to get up to the next stage.

Definitely a strategy I had not seen before and seems like something that would be particularly useful against fast “chase” monsters like the Wraith.


Yup extremely true I especially love using hydes poison grenade for this, it has area of effect and kills all the small creatures without even having to stop and aim.


Small creatures respawn.


You sure because it certainly doesn’t seem like it into the late game when I’m playing monster lol unless it’s just a really slow respawn


True, but I have heard there is a finite amount? Don’t quote me on that though.


I mean, it was just a strategy I hadn’t come across before, maybe it was just a really bad Wraith. I guess it all depends on respawn rate and if there is a finite amount that can respawn. But the Wraith for the most part was way away from the hunters and even when they went and camped for 5 minutes, it never got up to stage 3.


the only risk you run if you do this is actually feeding the monster instead of starving it. There’s nothing more pleasing than just randomly coming across a bunch of dead meat and just being able to eat it as the monster. This tactic could work for a little while, however, if I’m not mistaken, all of the smaller animals in the game do respawn which would make all of your time killing animals wasted. killing the animals with perks on them is probably the most justifiable and worth the time spent though.


The way it works is that large creatures DO NOT respawn, and smaller creatures (i.e. reavers) will respawn, but the fauna will not return to its original density.

Now this means that this strategy doesn’t work by completely starving the monster so he can’t reach stage 3, but it stalls him and a good team can use this (notably with cabot) to keep the monster from ever filling up his armour if they keep pressure on him. They keep damaging him during the chase, so any armour the put on he slowly drains, and when the monster does escape he can only eat the few respawns in the area instead of all the wildlife putting himself back to full armour, then they are back on him and it repeats.

Also, killing the large wildlife means less danger to the hunters, so why not?! :smiley_cat:


As far as i know creatures respawn. You can however empty the map from creatures really good, making it very difficult for the monster to find whatever is left late game. People hate it though because of their paranoia of giving the monster free meals… As if it made any difference.


From my experience, it seems like little creatures (marshriders and co…) respawn when monster evolve. If you can’t evolve, there’s no respawn.
But I may be wrong.


Very nice take on this strategy, and agree. These guys were able to take pot shots and get a lot of the Wraith armor down, so that is probably why it worked out for them.


I’ve been thinking about strategies way too much per day for the last month I’ve been playing xD


Nope. They respawn. Not sure the exact rate, and its not in sight of a player, but they do it infinitely, until the game ends.