A (very) few details on new hunters and gamemode


“For example, without new medic Caira peppering the ground with Healing Grenades, a monster will cut through the team like they’re nothing. Without new support Cabot covering the map with layers of radioactive dust that keeps track of the monsters movement, the creature will be able to hide long enough to fully evolve and cause the team all sorts of problems.”

“After playing a few dozen rounds of Evolve throughout the course of the year, I thought I had a firm grasp of what to expect from the game. But all of that changed after I experienced my first round of Nest, a new mode that gives the humans an objective other than “kill the beast,” but also allows gives the Monster the option of enlisting some help in the hunt.”

But that’s all they say… big time tease.


Lots more details and observations on this:


Ah, thanks. My bad. Didn’t know that thread existed - so much Big Alpha activity going on. We can close this thread.