A UI feature we should "borrow" from NS2


As someone that plays with lots of different groups of players (from the highest level competitive teams to my very casual group of real life friends and everything in between) I’ve heard a lot of different names used for map features and locations. Because we are a small community we have a more unified system of naming places in the game than we might otherwise, but our names are kind of lame and generic, and they are definitely not very accurate or always as descriptive as they could be. They are also something that must be learned through oral teaching, not tutorials or in-game teaching.

Recently when I helped out with this thread:

I was thinking about how Matt had written a lot of great place names already, and how we should just basically steal NS2’s method of location-based naming. Here is a screenshot from NS2:

Notice how in the top left corner of the UI it displays the player’s current location. This is always on. Obviously we can add an option to disable this in the options if players don’t wish to see it. NS2 has something in common with Evolve, in that its maps are very large and have lots of distinct map features. This would require environmental artists/map designers at TRS to go through each map and place bounded areas to update this text on the player’s UI. These names could also be placed on the map. Here is an example of their map:

I think that a feature like this would help to teach players how to be better at the game, because using location names to describe the monster’s current destination, the monster’s current position, and areas to search is critical to becoming skilled as a hunter. The easier TRS can make it for players to communicate with each other about important concepts that they should be developing and employing to communicate during a match, the more players will improve at the game. I think we all want everyone to get better.


They have something similar to this on the reply map from the app and have always loved things like this. That being the case, I am sad NS II didn’t hit the same spot as NS Ii :frowning:


Yeah it definitely had a lot of issues, but I still enjoyed it for a time. I completely forgot about the app having that, but I only played it at launch :stuck_out_tongue:.


Great idea, I hope they are able to add this!


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