A turtle like monster?


I have been thinking that maybe there could be a Turtle like Monster that will have the most armor because of it’s shell…Maybe just maybe :neutral_face: :monster:


Argonemt or something was a type of spiked turtle monster from Godzilla maby something like him


ya maybe what kind of transversal move would it have?


We have a Tyrant. :wink:

Just give him a shell!


Not like that I mean a Tyrant looks more like a lizzard than a turtle but Idk



Really? It looks like an alligator snapping turtle without the shell.


This idea sounds like it would rock



Isn’t that basically the behemoth? I mean it conceals itself in a large armored shell you can roll around in. Just my two cents


A Turtle Rock, perhaps?


You mean like Golem? I know I have a picture of her on my phone.

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I don’t recall seeing the last head iteration. I am still gonna hope to see something turtle-like in the NEW monster the community is working on…even if it’s a mix between turtle and insect or something. I really dig this head.


I loved working on Golem, but after we scrapped her I just… Gave up, I guess. How’s the new monster making going btw?


Final vote tally for the 3rd attack ability will end friday…then we will vote on a last ability which we will still need ideas for. Then on to appearances!


I might help with appearances. That sounds like fun.


is this legit 5th monster decision talk? I need to know if I should let my giddy side run away with thoughts or just stamp it out now


Oh wow! Mods are helping the devs in choosing the abilities of the monster?? I didn’t know that 0_o


The only info we’ll ever know about the monster until official announcements, but still so excited to hear something. It also explains a lot since its technically still being designed as a whole. I guess a lot of option weighing goes into ability choices or it would be passed that stage already. I’m both envious and not envious since it can’t be easy to vote on this stuff.


I didn’t expect My thread to turn into a 5th monster discission!!?? :+1:


Ah, yes. For those who don’t know, we were working on our own turtle monster project (Because there should totally be a turtle monster in a game by turtle rock studios). However, after the reveal of Behemoth we chose to shutdown the project and start again from scratch, because Behemoth and Golem were too similar.

You guys can check out the old thread here. Be warned, it’s gigantic.

No, TRS are already working on the 5th monster.

6th monster maybe. We are hoping the devs would take a look at it anyway, but it’s obviously their call.
In the end it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a fun project. :smiley: