A Trapper who can POISON the Wildlife!


OK… this isn’t a whole idea… but I was thinking it could be cool to have a Trapper Hunter who can actually poison the wildlife. So it’s like the tracking dart gun but it doesn’t track anything… it makes the Wildlife… poisonous so Monsters that eat it would get DOT damage instead of Energy and Armor!

Sounds diabolical. But it would fit the lore somewhat, I think. :slight_smile:

This ability would occupy the “3” slot and would also double as a DOT damage pistol in Dome combat. It can be just token damage really, but the main thing is to deny Energy and Armor.


We have rogue Val’s tranq’s I think that would be too similar for a brand new character.
Neat idea though.


I’m talking about the Trapper shooting the Wildlife… so that the Wildlife turn into booby traps for the monster. Is Rogue Val’s tranq ingestible by the Monster if it eats Wildlife that was tranquilized by Rogue Val?


I’m guessing Renegade Abe’s tracking dart will do that


That would be pretty cool! :slight_smile: I was was wondering why Abe didn’t have a Character variant yet when Markov, Hank, and Val all had theirs released already.


No the monster doesn’t get poisoned by the animal the poison tranq hits. but I personally believe it to be too similar. But it is a neat idea. if you can flesh it out more and maybe distance the similarities from Rval’s tranq’s it could be interesting


Honestly that’s what I was thinking too.


OK… A … Sticky Proximity Bomb that blows up for 50 burst damage on the Monster but insta-killing the Wildife and can be stuck on Wildlife so that they blow up if the Monster tries to approach it… totally incinerating that Wildlife and other Wildlife 10 meters around the blast radius.

Wildlife Explosion (and not direct Sticky Explosion) reveals the Monster’s position similar “flock of birds”.

Directly Sticking this to the Monster instead triggers the same 50 damage burst explosion after an arming time when it lands on the Monster, otherwise it just turns into a 50 damage IED that can stick to walls as well as floors.

This ability holds 5 Sticky Bombs that must be “reloaded” after all 5 are dispersed. “Reloading” disables any previously thrown Sticky Bombs.

So this could mean part of the gameplay is to disperse your bombs in the hunting phase and NOT reload unless you’re sure the Monster is not there and you want to “coat” another herd of Wildlife instead. When Dome comes down you “reload” so you can throw stickies directly to Monster.

New assault class as a War bot that has interactions with emet's bad side

That’s an awesome idea the problem I see is the possibility of removing too much wildlife but actually with the 5 limit that could work. Another concern is the programming differentiating between wildlife and monsters. Now that I think about it they could probably be able to deal with that too.
So after answering my own concerns. superb idea it’s very original and cool. I’m pretty sure if they were to implement such a thing the devs would have to play with the mechanics and numbers and such to balance it accordingly.


In programming, Sticking to Wildlife is like sticking it to a moving Wall. So it looks like a benign sphere. But if the Monster walks in it’s like: “Beep beep bip bip bip bip bip… BOOM!”

The beeping also means the Monster can evade the bomb or reduce damage taken by being far from center of explosion… But I suspect the Wildlife being transmuted to ashes would be pain enough.

The downside is none of the Hunters can remotely detonate it. You can only “refresh” by reloading.


I really like this idea, I think the limit would 3 though since that’s the limit for all other ‘deployables’ maybe more dmg to compensate or something.


Yup… That would be cool.

If it was a new trapper he could be something of a shellacked personality like Metalhead from GI JOE shouting “Bang!” and “Kablooey!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be cool if he was some kind of robot so you could have a full team robot


So you’d have Emet (Medic), Bucket (Support), and this new guy (Trapper). If they make an Assault Robot character you could make a team of Robot Terminators! :smiley:


I like to sub torvald in there he’s practically a robot right.


Maybe an adaptation of Torvald where only his brain is organic? Like the Cain character from Robocop 2?