A trapper that scans


Scans local wildlife and throws down a hologram of that wildlife. No large meats. Randomly albino. When monster attacks the projector on the ground releases a coating that reveals the monster for unknown amount of time. Was going to go with calling in live bait, which I’m surprised isn’t used yet, but don’t want to give the monster free armor. Feel free to expand on idea or adjust.

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Doesn’t the tracking dart fall under the bait track category?


The live bait was goin to be different, I was thinking almost like fishing, if attacked it would trigger a hook or something that holds the monster down.

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Now that is interesting. I imagine a cross between a Sound Spike and a Harpoon Trap. Set off the spike and then a harpoon pins down the monster, either there would be multiple poons, a single poon that takes a lot of hits to kill, or a poon that holds down the monster for a set ammount of time.


Ok so to make sure I’m getting this right, ou place this projecter and it makes fake wildlife and when the monster kills one it tells you where it is and harpoons them?


That’s a mix between the two. I’m just workin and it came to mind. You guys can flesh it out more or tear it down.


This is derailing but j still want a trapper that can ride the wildlife into battle, just imagine someone charging at you as a monster with a crow bill sloth, and ibreally want to fight with my obsidian a grubs beside me :smile:


Interesting idea man! keep up the ideas coming and maybe some of the devs will fell in love and make them a real thing :slight_smile:


I like this idea. +1.

So is this a CC method or a tracking method?