A Trapper suggestion for Dome Duration


This is a suggestion that if the dome is down and the trapper isn’t being actively attacked, they can ‘maintain’ the shield by standing at the dome beacon and interacting with it. As soon as they are attacked, the ‘maintain’ ability would be lost.

It might even be something like a 1 second buff to the timer which can be activated every 5 seconds, if the Trapper can sit there long enough to activate it.

The purpose of this would be to give the hunters more time in the dome to track down hiding monsters, but not more time to fight trapped monsters. The dome gives some interesting nooks and crannies for a good monster to exploit, and I don’t want to take those away, I’m just looking at ways to give the hunter’s more time to check them all, without giving them a scanner.

Till then I’ll just stick to dropping a sonic spike with Griff after the dome.


It sounds cool but.What can a poor stage 1 monsters do?For example i got caught today twice as Kraken and as Wraith into the dome at Stage 1.Of course fighting wasn’t an option so all i could do was hide behind walls/stones/random stuff until the dome finally went down.With this suggestion a stage 1 monster will never be able to escape :confused: .Because ok this is just a beta.When the game launches and people get experienced doming stage 1 monsters will be if not an insta-death it will be a game winner because the monster will be leaving from there with like 2-3 health bars


That is certainly the largest downside.

That was why my suggestion that as soon as the trapper takes damage they can’t maintain the buff and making it an active ability the Trapper has to do, so they can’t focus on dropping harpoons (Maggie) to do it. It would also depend on if the area could be more quickly searched by 4 people than 3 with more time.

The other idea I had was a dome that overtime got smaller, but with the terrain that could lead to monsters or players getting trapped by the shield rendering it kinda pointless. I also don’t want to make the dome too powerful, just have more interesting mechanics.

Perhaps a good compromise would be when the dome has a few seconds left it sends out a pulse that detects the monster. Maybe the first pulse 10 seconds after being dropped and another 10 seconds before it drops.


I would like to see the surface of the dome repel a Monster and flash upon impact. How many times have you thrown down a dome just to have the Monster slam against it and slide into a tiny crevice? You can’t tell if the Monster was caught, so you spend precious seconds running around and exposing yourself to a sneak attack.

I want the Monster to be shocked back from the walls of the dome, but take no damage. The same could happen to Hunters too. This would give the Hunters a little bit of an easier time against a Monster that’s kiting the sides of the dome. It would also really, really help against Krakens that just fly around the edges of the dome.


interesting suggestion, but at the moment the hunters are having the slight advantage against equally skilled monsters i think, but it is also too soon to tell, so buffing anything at this point would be a bit early