A tip for Distillery as monster


For some reason, a whole lot of people do not like the map Distillery for some reason :no_mouth:

This i my favorite map for ONE reason and a lot of people don’t know why…

The cave of unlimited food!

Once you spawn in, just crouch all the way to the water stream and transverse your way up the water fall and through the cave without leaving any footprints. Water leaves no footprints.

In the cave, there is always two or three Glaciapods in the cave with some reavers. Now all you do is wait for the Glaciopods to spit out crystals and eat them, UNLIMITED. Of course stealth pounce the reaver just in case you don’t kill the Glaciopods… Also Steamadons provide a good source of nutrients. Now usually, when eating in the cave, 5 or 6 trapjaws come. Annihilate them! Keep eating and stage up… Your technically not fleeing till stage 3 because your in the same spot with 0 BIRDS!!!

The only way you will be spotted is with Maggie but even Daisy waits outside the cave and doesn’t enter which is nice. I hope this map gets played more often as opposed to now


A good hunter team might notice not having birds after a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great tip nonetheless.


hahaha I have been caught only once without daisy in all my time playing… The hunters are scared of the Tyrant right outside the cave so I guess they don’t think i could of passed through there. Besides of you do get caught, the Tyrant is on your side


I had a game where I kept juking Gobi as they were trying to find me in the caves. I evolved to stage 3 without ever leaving the cave. The poop was 90% of my diet, the rest were a couple reavers and steamodons. I was never found once until I came out Stage 3 :slight_smile:


hahaha RIGHT!

I even try to evolve in the exact same spot as I did for Stage 2 lol

So its extra effecty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How does one “juke” Gobi? lol. In my experience, Gobi sees all.


Gobi doesn’t have a good turn radius so in a cave network if you see and hear Gobi being launched you can move to the side and around the wall so it doesn’t see you. It’s not capable of seeing through walls, it still needs los.

Also, the cave poop breath might’ve scared it.


I hear rumours and loading screen tips about Glaciopod poop, but I’ve yet to actually see any in god knows how many hours of playing.


well Glaciopods are native to Distillery.

Just a few maps have it and can be instantly killed.


Many hunters just use Gobi and aim at the wall. They don’t realize that Gobi can’t go through walls


some more info

Glaciopods will defecate for the first time within 5-10 seconds of a
player moving within their 40 meter sight range. Any sequential
droppings will occur between 20 and 30 seconds after the first.

  1. People typically hate Distillery because there are a LOT of cut-off routes and choke points for Trappers to utilize.

  2. In response to @MaddCow.


Yeah I’m absolutely certain Gobi doesn’t need line of sight, otherwise my throwing of Gobi over the Med Lab relay area wouldn’t keep showing up the monster underneath the main platform :smiley:


You can shoot through the grates on that map ya know. Hence no LoS :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but I’m just very used to throwing Gobi at walls and tagging what’s behind it. Happy to see evidence to the contrary, just wouldn’t explain what I’ve seen man… I’ve seen things.


LoS is required but Gobi has an acceptable range in which line of sight is not required

Think about a cone

Gobi see straight but it widens out as Gobi goes farther. When Gobi stops, his seeing distance forward is expanded a bit.


Don’t forget that technically he ‘turns around’ slightly at the end of his ‘pathing’.



take out all the dumb words

So right at the end of the cone, gobi stops but is able to highlight a bit farther than what he can go up to

Kind of like “Devs are being nice” and Doesn’t have to be accurate or “Cutting some slack”

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suppose to be white


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but yea, back on topic, Gobi has a hard time detecting you
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