A tier 6 is now more likely to happen


We have finally gotten the new update with kala and a little surprise, elder kraken. It wouldn’t make for TRS to not make the rest of the tier 2 hunter adaptations and since there probably going to make them they have to get some sort of money since the variations are free so it would make sense for another tier while they make the adaptations like we’ve been waiting for the full tier 5 to come out and also tier 5 got revealed at a tournament , I think it was esl but anyways quick shot is starting or has started and maybe during the finals they might reveal a tier 6. What are your thoughts and opinions ?

Should there be a tier 6?
Tier 6 and my thoughts

Oh man I’d love that to be there sneaky l’il plan to totally fool us, I have my doubts they’ll make a T6 :pensive:

but it does sound like something the sneaky TRS devs would do and I’d totally love it :kissing:


I have no idea, but anything is possible :lazarus:
I am sure they are doing more than just adaptations, but its to close to the end of tier 5 for me to guess. They don’t seem close to being done with this game. and that is great I would love to see a tier 6 but only time will tell for now!


They already confirmed that they’d be making adaptations for Tiers 1-3. Everyone knew this was happening.


Little side note, I think it was stated a while ago that Cabot’s ship has enough rooms to accommodate 20 hunters I believe.

But I’m sure they wouldn’t mind bunking up with each other :kissing:
I’m looking at you Abe.


They have confirmed a tier 3 set?

Oh man I love TRS so much.


They confirmed base game hunter adaptations, but they could neither confirm nor deny DLC tier adaptations.


As long as the monster isn’t overhyped like gorgon then I’ll pay. Also has more thought put into it.


yeah the gorgon hype was a painful time, so much tease and hype for such a long wait.


Where’s the Elder Kraken? The game updated, I have Kala and a bunch of new skins, but there’s no new monster adaptation.


You can’t play him, only cause him


It’s like a pre-release tease, they did the same with Meteor Goliath


Only “cause” him? What does that mean?


I’m liking these odds


Also a lackluster monster in my opinion. This bug monster that can spawn a minion, throw an acid snare, and shed its skin to make a bomb. All cool abilities yet acid spray was just so random. Hopefully a T6 monster has more interesting abilities.


Meant vs him
Kind of like how meteor golly came with jack


Ah ok, thanks. Any update on Kala’s tutorial videos? I always watch them before trying out a new Hunter, but she has none, and I do not understand how these teleport pads are supposed to work.


They were exempt from the game to save space. They’ll be on YouTube.

Here’s how they work:

They are placed using the “aim” and “fire” buttons.


That seems kind of silly, that EVERYONE but her will have videos in the game.

But ok, so LT fires one pad, and RT fires the other one?


That’s correct :smile: