A thought of balancing with telemetry


A lot of people know that Evolve devs get a lot of there stats through W/L percentage and this usually provides a good base for general buffing and nerfing of hunters and monsters. For instance Kraken rocking a 75% win rate is a bit much and showed that there needed work there. Yes I know there was a CC bug that they fixed but that showed it was a problem.

I’m not a developer or anything like that so this is just coming from observation but it seems that when you try to reach the 50/50 of W/L percentage I feel this is flawed. It accounts for the majority of randoms looking for groups but not for teams. If you reach a pure 50/50 in all pub games it would mean drastic under-powering for a team of good coordinated players.

So my question to the forum is do thing it would be better trying to achieve a W/L of 60-65% for the monsters? I think it would be close enough that pubs wouldn’t always be losing but a bit stronger for those teams that know how to stomp a monster into the ground.

There is a lot more to using the telemetry that we probably don’t see so this might not work but just looking for opinions. Also I think it would be cool if they could implement a system that tracks groups a 2, 3, and 4 player groups to see the W/L of them vs the monsters.


Keep in mind that pub games usually are terrible players against equally terrible monsters, so if they should aim for something, 50-50 is best.

The system is flawed, but its hard to balance for both high level and pubs.


I’ve run into groups of random experts, allows them to kill monsters with great ease… And I’ve also run into amazing monster players who are even great against organized teams. Honestly, the issue with this game is that it needs to separate the competitive scene from the laidback scene - You’ll be able to balance both separately, because there’s different needs for them; while you can’t balance the game based upon good players and ignore the bad ones.

This is why a lot of people have been asking for a ranked mode. It should take care of these balance issues, which are already so hard to fix thanks to the 4v1 setup.


Rank Mode is an awesome concept but it could fragment the player base with how little our player pool is right now.


It could also bring back a lot of players who quit the game because of the balance issues =) It’s a 50-50 chance.


People said the same thing when the T4 update came out, and said the same thing again when the major re-balancing patch hit that it would bring back players and it didn’t.


since the telemetry showed laz with a 50%+ winrate we all should know that it does not mean shit