A Thing I Made


I made a bionicle gorgon, here are the pictures.


Dude, you gotta clean your desk.


Desk must be dirtier!


No, gotta clean it.


Damn, I remember having one of those. It’s been like… 10 years. I feel so old.


Cluttered people are typically more creative.


Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean occasionally. My room is a mess right now, won’t be in a few days.


I cant keep my house clean to save my life.


This weekend I feel like making a Lego Kraken. This inspired me :wink:


Gorgon is just lovely and this is awesome, also is that a bottle of lotion? Gimme!!!


More pictures please. With better lighting plox :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow this is awesome! I remember Bioncles, I had three movies of it and at the time I have Legos haha.

@Azmi_Anuar Sorry to break your hopes and dreams but it deodorant by degree


Nice man I remember when I was young and I made a knex megatron it was ugly :smiley:


More lighting and in focus! I think it looks cool, but it’s kinda hard to tell :\

I think flash + turn off your monitor would help :slight_smile: