A Theory On Why We Now Have Monster Variety


Before the Wraith nerf we all know that the vast majority games were Wraith. After the patch we started to see a lot more of the other monsters. Now I’m not saying Wraith is terrible now I think she’s almost right where she needs to be what I’m saying it that all the other monsters were under appreciated. Since the patch we’ve seen a lot more Goliath, Kraken, and of course Behemoth because he was new.

My point: The other monsters were always good but it wasn’t until Wraith was on the same playing field as them that people appreciated the others.

Even I’m guilty of this. Before the patch Wraith was my favorite due to the stealth and burst damage which was so perfect for my hit and run style but then I realized the other monsters had so much potential and now my favorite is Goliath which was previously my least favorite. It’s kind of ironic and I just wanted to share this.


I have played Kraken since the Beta because I like him so much. I love his character design and his skills are pretty cool. I didn’t play Wraith because I didn’t like how overpowered her traversals and Decoy were. I’m still top ranked as Kraken because I played him so much and same with Behemoth. I’ve been playing Behemoth since he released and I have over 90 wins and 11 losses. I don’t play Goliath as much because I just don’t like him overall.

I can play all 4 pretty well, Kraken and Behemoth better than the other 2, but I can play each at a pretty high level.

I think people are appreciating the other monsters because the hunters themselves have gotten better and more fun so no one monster is outright better than the last although Kraken right now (with the movement bugs and CC not stopping him) makes a strong statement as the best. You can also play all the monsters without feeling like you are being a scumbag. Atleast me for personally.


Lol yeah I love all the them but Wraith is definitely my least favorite now just because I realized how much better the other monsters are. The other three are pretty evenly matched for my favorite.


I’ve always been curious about the actual numbers of Wraith matches pre-patch. Because I personally, never ran into a ton of Wraith matches before the patch and since the patch, I never see her. I actually feel they nerfed her too much, but I think I’m in the minority.


To be fair, I did personally see Wraith more than the other monsters, but the matches with Wraith were like 10+ minutes longer than other monsters so It felt like you were playing her much more. So much time was spent running past decoys and in circles trying to keep it in the dome.

She got a Warp Blast Buff and Supernova can’t truck 3 hunters in one go anymore. The nerf to her her traversals were needed to stop her from dodging every dome, and Decoy’s nerf was needed. It made no sense that she remained invisible while being hit because the decoy was out.

I think she is right around where she should be. I can’t really think of anything wrong with her at the moment. Maybe she needs more armor but that’s it personally


I love experimenting with monster strats to find stuff I like. for example:

the KING OF THE CASTLE ™ strat for behemoth:

  1. put down lava bomb
  2. put down rock wall between you and lava bomb
  3. use fissure to hit hunters through the wall
  4. yell YOU SHALL NOT PASS at the top of your lungs


  1. send decoy away from the hunters
  2. go back towards the hunters
  3. attack with level 3 warp blast
  4. reap their souls

the ANTI-SALT ™ build for big bob

  1. ignore rock wall
  2. place lava bomb at your feet
  3. tongue grab hunters
  4. fissure
  5. roll
  6. melee
  7. ???
  8. profit
  9. repeat steps 2-8


I just never personally felt like she was OP. I saw about an even mix of monsters. I did not care for the Wraiths that ran and ran and when they were domed they hid, but I find they still do that and other monster players seem to employ these same tactics regardless of what monster they are. After all the nerfs she got hit with, I was working on her masteries and I could not do well with her. She’s not really my playstyle and never has been, but I always use CDR with her and even with that perk, I find myself with all abilities on cooldown far too often. This is my biggest problem. That and the fact that Supernova is crazy short now. She has by far the lowest health and armor so I always felt like she was meant to be a glass cannon. I don’t really see that in her current state.

I don’t know. Maybe other experienced Wraith players are cool with how she works currently. I just know that I can’t do much with her.


Idk but I feel that the Wraith is still my favorite, I play her how she’s suppose to be play, which is a sneaky snake. But I will say that her next update is needed and understandable, which is, she’ll have her traversal stamina recharge 2 seconds quicker IN combat. I’ve yet to lose a match with my wraith even after the patch because I go stage 1 with 3 points into decoy and at stage 2 I have 3 points into warp blast.

This creates a wombo-combo where I can use the decoy to divert or flank the hunters while it either runs or does burst damage. Then when the hunters have taken that damage I’ll either wait for the the cool down again or just warp blast in for a strike against the lowest Hunter. Oh btw I choose the CDR perk.


I like all the Monster’s. I know there are a lot of concerns with the Wraith but I never had a complaint in facing her in the wild. I still like her with the adjustments and feel she is still a fun threat to face off with. Kraken is my favorite but for me if you can master him , look out lol.


Actually, the Goliath has always been the most popular monster at all levels since release. People just only noticed playing against the Wraith because they didn’t like playing against her.

Now that they nerfed/buffed the Wraith but unintentionally buffed the Kraken, people on the forums say the same thing about how they only gave Krakens nowadays. I’d be willing to bet that the Goliath is still more popular.


That came with the last micropatch.

Same. If anything, the wraith is stronger now than before.


Well to add to that theory is the rise of Behemoth. He still a bit buggy, but he is at a much better place now, more people have deciding to pick him up.

Though he has been play a lot since recent, because ya know “new monster gotta to tried him” mentality. But now after some numbers fix and bugs fixes in the future we will probably see more Behemoth, while the other three monsters still are very viable to play with and against also.

Then the fifth monster shows up, and the process repeats itself.

Though I never was Wraith player until now, she is very much how she was design. High risk, high reward play. Goliath will always be my baby though :smile:


I loved playing as Wraith because she was so stealthy. I would literally do everything in my power to avoid conflict before Stage 3. I even hid 10 feet away from hunters, in a bush, with the Bog skin. They never found me and dropped the dome. They continued running in the opposite direction, while I ate a tasty albino Obsidian Beetle. It was basically G.O. at that point.