A theory about Kala and the monsters


Well here it goes i’ve been listening to some of kala’s dialogue and i think i know at least a little about there origins. So lets begin kala’s monster eye per say is blind meaning that her nerves aren’t properly set up well they might be and might not im not sure there, but then i thought it isnt the cord its the brain it’s self meaning there might be a host mind controlling the monsters but how. it couldn’t be chemicals because i remembered that this host mind is in a different dimension a dimension that is connected through our thoughts our dreams. which is also why she talks in her sleep ( a quote from abe) and why she says what she says when she is down the host would get better connection the ability to control her when she is in this state. which means her mental state is depleting faster then her physical state. so when her mental state weakens this host will take control meaning better information on the hunters meaning stronger monsters. but there is one reason why is this host doing this. well i got that too the key are the Patterson drives. this equation for the drives worked with the hna two different things. then it hit me a different dimension the patterson drive equation working for the hna means that this might be a god which is the only logical explanation i thought. the patterson drives are part of the god hurting it. meaning the only way to stop it was to kill the problem.( basically a little like the hive in destiny yes)


I feel like Matthew is more original than to ripoff Destiny. Or at least whatever plot it may have had.


not ripping off im just making a camparance if you haven’t quite gotten it


Well to be quite honest I’m not getting what the theory is trying to state (not meant to be offensive) :stuck_out_tongue:

What I managed to pick up is that there’s a host mind controlling the Monsters and seeing through Kala’s Kraken eye. It gains more control over her when she’s unconscious and its endgoal is to learn about the Hunters and make stronger Monsters?


sort of i just wrote it because i was full of hype. but in general but you got most of it but the goal wasnt meant to be get info more like a by product


Ah, okay. Still a cool theory! :smile:


thank you cupcake


btw are you gonna play the divison beta im trying to get a key rigght now :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking about this last night. Kala has no idea why the Patterson equitation works with the HNA. What OP is trying to suggest is that the HNA wouldn’t work with Kala unless a connection was made with the host (queen, boss man, whatever you want), hence the Patterson equitation. It allows a connection between Kala’s eye and the rest of the monsters (or a singular monster) .

It honestly came to me in a dream, i was going to mention something about it, but OP got to it earlier apparently.