A Terrifying Pet Event


My pug, Mugsy, is getting on in her years. She will turn 13 in just a couple hours since she was born on the 1st. I figured she has a few more good years left but…she has been ailing pretty hard as of late. Her posture has been drooping, she has been losing her bowels, and her trachea is narrowing which causes harsh breathing issues. She is also actually on a special diet, and has been for years, that costs about $90 for one 25 pound bag of food. Luckily that food lasts a while but…I digress. She always has to have this bland diet and now that I can feel the inevitable approaching, I don’t see a reason to continue that diet religiously. I decided I was going to give her a left over burger we had. An entire burger…as a gift, a special treat. It was just the meat, not the bun, but I gave it to her.

As she started to dig in with a huge amount of zeal, my hubby and family commented that I shouldn’t do that, that I ought to cut it up first, or that a whole burger will just kill her. Mugsy never wants to chew, and I figured if I cut it up she wouldn’t chew but swallow the pieces, and she was already chewing the burger just fine since she had to just to get it to size for her mouth. Anyway we were talking about this, debating about how she never gets any special “people food” due to her diet but my hubby’s parents dog gets her own McDonalds burgers ordered just for her…and how I felt Mugsy deserved some kind of dietary happiness since the end was surely coming soon…and then my hubby’s father cried out… “GET IN HERE! Seriously, she’s having a seizure! SERIOUSLY!”

So we all leap into the kitchen and she’s thrashing about on the floor. My husband grabs her and we instantly figure she must be choking but she’s fighting and clamping her jaws…and you just can’t pry open pug jaws since they have no nose to grab onto. Her whole body is seizing up in his hands and then he lied her on her side and she goes completely limp. He takes the opportunity to open her mouth and jam his fingers down her throat. He pulls out this long wad of meat as long as a hot dog and lies her down on the floor on her side. Her paws flop, her head rolls, her tongue is lolled out with her eyes dead-locked open…and I knew it was over. It just had to be over and I just killed my own dog. But she gasped, and her body suddenly woke back up and she started to breathe again. We massaged her belly hard and rubbed her down, trying to get her back and slowly she seemed to revive. Eventually we got her to stand up and she was none the worse for wear. Everyone went back to their everyday business and laughed it off, and made jokes about my stupidity. But me…I went off alone.

The entire thing has lingered with me. I still feel horrible with myself and my own dumb actions. She isn’t just “some dog” to me, she’s my baby…my best friend. She’s been around since before I got married. She moved into 2 homes. She was here before the birth of my son and lived with me through major deaths in my family. I got to see her grow up since her third day of life:

And got to own her since she was but a few months old:

People who love their pets will know what I mean when I say my dog is my family. Shoot, my dog has been there for me more-so than many humans from my family. And in one single act of pish-poshery, let’s just give her something awesome because she’s old and deserves it at long last, I could have lost all of that. I don’t know how others can’t be shaken by events that so wholly encompass them but I do, and they stay with me, and I seek to find meaning behind it all. I don’t really know what the point of this story is other than to say to be grateful for every minute you have, because things can change in a split second and turn your world up-side-down. This new year, make your moments count with the ones you love.


Oh my god. My feels. I literally gasped then smiled and like, I don’t even know man. This is just so beautiful.


I’m glad she’s alright now, and I wish you all the best because you’re amazing. <3

And I did not cry. I am not. I swear. <.<


Family is not something that’s bound by blood and animals are no exception to this.

Honestly it struck home a lot harder than it should have considering I just had the very first experience of having someone close to me pass away and it fucking sucks…hard. I was so very thankful though that I got to see her 2 week’s before and she had not a care in the world, happiest as can be and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

So glad to hear everything turned out ok. o/


God, this story reminds me of my dog that passed away… This really hit me in the feels.


Wow. Things like this are scary. I had a dream my dog was in danger last night, and it was not a dream it was a nightmare. He’d eaten chocolate the night before and that gave me a scare. He was shaking and throwing up.
Luckily for both of us, our pets are still with us. I got the feels from that story, it was nice, and a beautiful lesson.

“If that is not enough, feel free to die”

I love this little shit too much :cry:


Yeah I sadly had my first dog pass away this month.
He was a Brussel Griffon, he was getting close to 10 years and we’ve had him since he was a puppy. Unfortunately this year he was diagnosed with diabetes and we’ve had to have him on a special food on a special schedule. He was doing fine for several months but then this last month his health dropped rapidly. For one last week he was perky and happy, but the last day before I had to leave with my brother his health dropped back down, so that day we had to euthanize him (which I did not accompany). It didn’t help he had other problems like kidney stones the year before but I digress.


It’s so unfair how short their life spans are, but maybe that’s only because we are selfish things, and their life spans are meant to show us the importance of every day and just taking it as it comes every day, and taking pleasure in the stupid little things in life that actually are what makes it important to begin with. 6 months ago I’d have thought Mugsy could last until she was 15 or 16…now, I don’t think she will make it 6 more months and her pain is becoming more evident, as only pretty strong painkillers seem to help now.

So sad to hear your story and others. I’m thrilled Mugsy is still here with me, but I know that time is coming quicker than I want it to, and not many people will understand how I am going to feel afterwards, so I feel the need to vent about that.

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Damm! I’m glad she’s well now! I’m also living in fear since both of my dogs, Miley and Angie, are very old and I have gone through so much stuff with them.

Angie once got really sick and we brought her to the vet, they gave her some medicine but they told us that the chances of her surviving that disease were very low. I remember that in those days I slept every night right next to her, always hugging her, I just didn’t want to lose her… but luckily she got well after a few days!

Right now I’m trying to calm both of them because of the fireworks xD


I can really feel with this - but you were far more lucky. I’m glad she’s okay!!

I had a similar experience that ended more poorly back in late August. One week, my neighbor’s new puppy (who is a mix of the breed that my dog was) escaped so we brought her into our yard to play. My dog has been slowing down the last year (he was 12 years and some months), but playing with her made him a puppy again.

One week later, we had ribs… and my mom (without me knowing) fed my dog one of the bones. The next day he was pacing the yard and then laying down for extended periods of time. He wouldn’t respond to anyone, not even me with who he’s closest with. I got him up and guided him to a room connected to our garage, where he collapsed in my arms.

He laid in that room for about 24 hours, and with help we used his symptoms to try and treat him. He temporarily got better, then got worse again. My dad told me he was dying, but I refused to give up. I convinced him to drive us for an hour to the nearest city late at night to a 24/7 emergency clinic. She was nice enough to do a free scan over his internals in the infected area and give me a rough diagnosis. Knowing what was wrong, I was able to admit he had to be put to sleep. It was hard, but I stayed with him.

I wish we could’ve gotten him better so I had more time with him, so I’m very glad to hear your doggy is doing well! I hope you two have a really great time together for many months. <3 And sorry I typed so much! I don’t mean to take away from your topic! :blush: Btw, she’s absolutely adorable and looks like a sweetheart!


I literally just flipped to a page in an adult coloring book my husband’s sister gave to me today but I hadn’t had a chance to look at until just now…right before heading to bed; and the page came up to this quote:

“If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am.” - Charles Yu


I’m so very glad that she’s alright. My entire family and a lot of the company that comes to our house knows me as the ‘food nazi.’ I don’t allow my dogs to have ‘people food.’ They’re adorable and sweet and loyal. I couldn’t let them have something that can hurt them. They have to be on a food schedule as is. My older and bigger dog has bone issues (Jack Russel/St. Bernard mix) and my smaller dog (Jack Russel/Chihuahua) is easily made jealous. So I have to feed them a set amount in the morning and a set amount at night. If Mister (my big old Mister Man <3) eats too much his legs hurt and he has to lay down. It’s so sad watching him lay down in pain. But the reason I’m a ‘nazi’ is because I take this shit seriously. I didn’t talk to my father the entire time I was visiting family nor a few days after. Why? Because he fed my dog too much and he ended up in pain. I’ve lost a dog due to poison. Someone poisoned his food. Dammit. Damn them. So I take food very seriously.

I’ve had Mister since I was young. He’s an old dog, now. I’m taking him to college. Doc says it will help me out. I mean, he is a service dog. He even has a vest! I mean, we haven’t used him for that in a long time. Now I guess he gets to go to college with me. That’s not to mention my little rascal Patches. She’s the little one who gets very easily jealous. She has virtually no teeth. She’s old. She gets cranky. But damn is she sweet. You have to get mad at her for constantly trying to lick your face or jumping into your lap when you’re playing video games or getting tangled up in computer or controller wires. But she… I’m so lucky to have the both of them.

I know the boat you’re in, friend. I don’t even want to think about the future. Because I know what’ll happen in the future. We all know what’s going to happen in the future. Dogs don’t live as long as people do. But at least you can be there for them from puppy to elder. I didn’t have Mister or Patches since they were puppies. We rescued the two of them. Mister was a puppy. He was one of those ‘experiments’ that went wrong. So he was thrown in the street with a box of puppies. I’ve known him for long than I have my medicine. Heh. Patches we rescued as well. A lady had owned Patches and a cat for a while. But her husband died and she had no way to care for them. The vet bills were high with Patchy. Her teeth rotted out from human food that had been a substitute for dog food. She wasn’t on the healthy side. But right now she’s happily grooming herself on my messy bedroom floor. Haha

Love them while you can. Be there when they need you. <3


It really burns me up when people don’t respect you enough to not feed your dog people food when you ask them not to and then re-iterate the fact that they are on a special diet and what will happen to them if they go off of it. Ignorance is one thing but when you spell it out and they still refuse to listen? My dog is on urinary tract formula and if she goes off of it she bleeds in her urine due to crystals in the kidneys or something like that. I’ve tried other foods but only this one special bag of food works to prevent it. I have told people time and again NOT to feed her table scraps or any other human food but they don’t listen and don’t care, and say oh…but she’s looking at me and wants it, and you’re just being mean, she can handle it because she’s a dog and you take things way out of proportion. Yeah, $90 proportion! That’s how serious I take it friend! I hear ya.

But when I suddenly decided to give her a burger this was a big deal for me, and they really dug into me for it too since I’ve been strict all these years and the act shocked them. But you know what…it was a venison burger on top of it which we hunted from the wild, not some McDonalds crud burger (granted I eat them, but I wouldn’t feed one to my dog!). They were all mad about it because had they known I was going to feed good venison to my dog they’d have taken it to eat but hey, I asked if anybody wanted the leftover burger and nobody did. It just makes me mad your story…and how little people respect you when you request something so simple as to not give your dog something you asked them not to. Make them pay the vet bill for their choice I say. If not that then, the bag of specialized, ridiculously priced food you have to buy because it works. Did your father ever apologize even? Let me guess, he just thought you were being crazy because a dog is a dog and you can feed it whatever right?


This reminds me of how a girl in our school lost her dad the day before graduation. We didn’t see her since that event.


Haha my father blew it off and forgot about it. Amazing animal person, he. When I was out of the house, I asked him to update me on how they were doing. I got one, maybe two texts and a photo of him holding my cat. :stuck_out_tongue: And he wonders why I’m not a happy camper.

Yeah. No KIDDING! Pizza night at my house is a nightmare when it comes to pizza crusts. The dogs have learned to sit near the kitchen table with their noses up because they know that someone will throw them a ‘pizza bone.’ They do it to tease me, too, which is the worst part. Not to mention I’m always the one asking if I could eat your pizza crust. But it’s alright. Mister wants it. Obviously. Honestly, though, they’re not bad people. They love them just as much as I do so they wouldn’t seriously try and hurt them. But, you know, food is food. Respect is respect.


I’m glad you and your dog are alright. I’ve lost so many dogs over the years, and all of them have hit me very hard. Enjoy the time you have left.


My Frenchie-Pug has a very sensitive stomach and I cannot stand that people will continually disrespect our wishes to not feed him. Besides that I hate when my dog begs for food. He should know his place and his place is not in my kid’s face while they are trying to eat.

One of the main culprits that is always told to stop feeding him human food had to watch him for a weekend not too long ago. She got a taste of her own medicine when he got diarrhea and crapped up and down her carpeted stairs and hallways from the food she had given him.

PS- I am glad Mugsy is still with you!


A few years ago, my first Guinea pig caught something, not sure what, but it ruined his lungs. It got progressively worse as Time went on, to the point where he couldn’t go on any further. I comforted him in his last moments, and every now and then, he would stop breathing, and he would freak out, and squirm around, and try to squeak, then he would breathe again. This happened for about an hour, but it seemed like an eternity.

Even if your pug is on their last legs and they need a special diet, make sure you really spoil them. Make them happy.


Thank you for sharing this Sledge! I had a similar incident with my baby, Little Bit. I woke suddenly when she fell of the bed from quite a distance. She was having a seizure for a minute or so and then ended up relieving herself on the floor at the end. It was all really terrifying… made me really appreciate all the times I’ve had with her since that night. Very scary. I totally understand how you feel. <33333