A team for the Beta!


Hello everyone!

As we all know the Beta is closing in on us with great haste!

Now I think that I’m not the only one wanting someone to play with in the upcoming Beta! I don’t care if you’re not the best or anything like that, I just want someone/some people to sit on Skype with on XB1 and chill our way through the Beta! So that’s why it would be really fun to get 3 people to join so that we can be 4 Hunters chasing down some monsters!

The Trapper :trapper: became my favorite class by far so I will be playing as the Trapper :trapper: class. So ya’ll know what yah have to choose from! Support :support: Medic :medic: Assault :assault:

It would be great if you have some sense of humor and know a minimum of 2 english words! The words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ counts.

Send your XB1 tag or your Skype or comment or anything like that!

Ow and in case this information is super vital to someone here it is! I am 19 years old from Sweden BAM!

Love Kiluh!

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Looking for 5 man Evolve group on Xbox One
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My XB1 tag is:

…figure it out. And have fun for us all. :wink:


You don’t got xbox? : (


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


Sorry, that was an alarm. My potatoes are ready.

Um, “Yes”, I don’t have an XBox. So enjoy it for me. :slight_smile:


I certainly will play some extra matches when my eyes are feeling heavy just for you then!


I am feeling 100% confidant now that the beta will also be on PC and PS4! With the survey gone around and the fact that they keep saying exclusively in the xbox one open beta, implying there is more than one beta… so PC gamers can probably look for teams as well if they feel the urge :stuck_out_tongue:




Gracias, mi amigo.


Sad part is that i have to study, i won’t be able to play. Maybe 2 hours total otherwise i would ruin my future xD

PLZ NO PC BETA :smiley:


Ooh ooh! Pick me! I play exceptionally well as Suppo. . .I mean Bucket! :bucket_salute:

My Gamertag is exactly the same one as you see here! By the way, moved this to the LFG section if this is about searching for a team! :smile:


Wady32, I’ll play any hunter but assualt gets boring for me sometimes.


I’m up for an Xbox One team.
GamerTag: Sup3rSolider
Primary Role: Support, this town ain’t big enough for the two of us @SlinkyGuy
Rest of Roles in order of preference: Trapper, Assault, Medic, Monster




i kick ass and i can play anything


If people are looking for teams on the beta for PCMustardNascar. I’m up

I play Assault, Medic, and Trapper the most. Rarely support. Mostly Assault.


You keep boasting of your skills, seems you will finally be put to the test :wink:


if there are custom games on xbox one beta or when evolve releases get your best hunter team and then get rekt


I know a few who would be perfect for the job.


who would they be?

How would you like to be killed

Goliath Kraken or Wraith



We could keep it interesting with a wraith.


sure :smile: