A team chat option for lobbies would be nice


It is frustrating to hold off planning until we are in the starting cinematics of a game: could we get a lobby team chat to coordinate strategies without eavesdropping?


ikr, it’s really weird why we didn’t have this from the start. Hope they do add it to the game.


use ure mic’s when u know who the monster is he cant hear u.


It already is like this, I’ve never seen hunters chatting while setting up, and their mics are cut off while they’re talking too. Maybe I’m wrong, but I could’ve sworn it is.


100% accurate. Monster cannot not see chat or hear mics untill the end round recap.


On Xbox as soon as you go to the character select screen you can’t talk to the monster anymore.

Sounds like a master race problem :joy:


I’m on PC to clarify.


That would be when I have to talk over the cinematic or the drop: a bit awkward.


I’m not sure on this.


I’m fairly sure that I’m on a PC :hushed:

But, I’ve played around 100 hours of Evolve, I’m pretty confident that it is the case.