A survival mode


I think there should be a survival mode where the monsters are AI and are a LOT weaker. with 4 survivors that are protecting an ship or something like at the end of evac mode (just tell me if you think the title sounds to much like there is a survival mode :smile:)

Eradication Mode - 4 Player COOP Mode (Feedback on Idea)

There is already a Defense mode that you can play. In custom games you can even set it to easy AI.


:note: this just poped into my heat and I put it on here :laughing:


I think he’s talking about a more fleshed out and dedicated fully Coop mode. Defend is designed around a player controlled Monster player. I think he’s asking for a something like that but swarms of weak AI Monsters and possibly wildlife with buyable upgrades the further you survive like stuff from Evac like EbonStar soldiers, colonists, Orbital Laser, Turrets, etc.

Personally I was sort of expecting 1 of the modes to be fully coop to step away from PVP nature for the more casual and less competitive crowd, but this isn’t a big deal. The combination of killing swarms of monsters and wildlife sounds fun as hell to me if I want something more relaxing to play, I wouldn’t be opposed to this sort of mode.


yea that is what I was trying to say the reason I said a LOT easier to kill as there would be swarms of monsters I know that sounds overpowered on the monster side of things


he means a some kind of Horde mode game mode.


So, it’s like call of duty zombie mode but it has weaker monsters? I’m not judging this idea because I really like the idea, keep it up! :smile:
P.S will there be an ending like get to so many rounds and then you have to go to the drop ship or is it just play ones personally I like the drop ship idea because and you have to upgrade your equipment and if you finish it, it could give you clues to maybe the next survival mode so it can be a series and you can get bonus do or upgrades or customisation options.


I like the dropship idea like in titanfall

P.S look what I found :monster: and :goliath_roar: :kraken_stare:


Ok cool then, I hope the TRS is reading this thread.


Im all for a hordemode. I enjoyed it in GoW and in mech assault.

I think they should also have a horde mode for the monster. could be fun. a nice way to wind down after work and after being in srs mode before bed lol.


This, I would like to see.

To make it distinct from Defense, It could be resource-based. Per monster killed earns you resource with which you can purchase bonuses, maybe extra Perks or those Evacuation victory bonuses. To spice things up, there can be secondary objectives every few waves to earn you extra resources, objectives like destroying Monster Eggs or killing an Alpha Monster (other game modes combined with Defense).

Perhaps it can be implemented as a future game mode?


I too would like a dedicated Last Stand mode, much like Dawn of War 2 featured which became almost more-so a reason to buy that game than the standard game itself. I really think done properly, with slow build-ups of monsters from stage 1’s to 3’s, Goliaths to Wraiths, through many waves…it could work wonderfully well as a 4 player co-op, all AI monsters, if balanced properly. I don’t see this making it into the game for launch but perhaps a few months down the line it could be a very nice additional dedicated DLC mode.


For the time being, an undertaking of this magnitude will have to wait, since the game itself is the main focus right now and is getting its last great polish put on. Once the game has been out a while I think this topic could be broached more.


I know this might of been already answered but will people be-able to mod the game when it’s released if so we could see this coming into the game (if any modders find this a good idea and stuff like that) :grimacing: