A support hacker?


I was just curious…can a support hunter shield teammates through walls? We were playing hunt on the fusion plant map, and i was inside the building at the power relay. The only hunter in there with me was assault. Him and support were the only 2 left. Now, i know assault has the personal shield, but the ENTIRE time i was fighting him, i could see the shield beam on him. So, i proceed to follow the beam to the top level thinking support is just cloaking, but he wasn’t in the room. The beam was coming through the wall, and he was outside. I was under the impression that line of sight is required to shield or heal hunters. Anyway, after the match, we got back to the lobby, and they both laughed, and then they left. Which leads me to assume they were partied up. So, i just wanna know if it was a hack so i don’t make a pointless report. Thanks.


line of sight needed so either a glitch exploit or hack I do not know which (should of pounced him for it shield wouldn’t last forever).


I did pounce on him. I was on top of him at least a couple mins before i went looking for the support hunter. He was shielding the assault hunter the whole time, even after assaults personal shield stopped.


If shielding never stopped then yes definitely a hacker because Hanks shields has a few limits.

  • Line of sight
  • Shield on the target (like assault’s shield) can only withstand so much damage
  • Hank’s shield projector has an overall energy thing that needs to recharge after so much use (it can be increased with perks)

If he ignored all 3 then I say hacker but if you have a video I would love to see it to verify (and might as well send it to them via support page and if it is true they will do something).


Do you know if he picked up the phase through walls perk or not?


could be the very bad lag aswell. im not playn a match the last 2 days without geting weird lags all the time makes strange things appear.

but id posted already into forums about that, my suggestion bout that was its either player hosted games or the servers are just terribad at every single part.


We can’t tell without video sadly.


There are some maps that have screens/grates with holes in them that you can use beams through! I use them when I can.


Report em.


No, i was an idiot and told my xbox to take screenshot(doesn’t show anything) instead of xbox record that. All i have is their gamertags, so it would be pointless to make a report. As far as hanks shield needing recharge…the fight at the power relay lasted around 4 or 5 minutes, and he was shielding assault the whole time. There wasn’t anything i could do except leave, build up my armor and come back and try to destroy the power relay to win, because neither of them were taking damage