A suggestion to help counter some of the bad press/misinformation regarding DLC


One thing that might help would be a video or bit about just how much goes into making a new monster or new hunter, and focus on just how much each monster completely changes the dynamic of the game. Like walking through the steps of the Behemoth from concept art to initial scope and constant balancing.

If people start to see that a monster isn’t just some new skin in an fps shooter then $15 doesn’t sound like much at all. I don’t think people are aware of just how much each monster and even each hunter change the complete dynamic of the game.


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I personally like this idea to give people an idea of how much work needs to go into a single monster or hunter. I think it shows people the scale of work and, like @Applecrow said, it would show how much a single character changes the dynamic of combat in the game. I don’t think people understand how much work goes into one character and how much money it costs to keep a studio running. Even doing a breakdown on how profits are split and how much the developer would need to stay a float might be interesting.

While I don’t think there is a hard counter to all the misinformation going around, I do think this would help curb some of it. Furthermore, I think it goes along TRS’s guidelines of being transparent with their community. Execution would be paramount in this though because I think if the message is slightly off then people could see it as the developer trying to give excuses to get more money. Granted, haters gonna hate so not much we can do about some of that :persevere:


I feel like all of these things were stressed enough. Sales are not what makes a game a blast.


I like the idea but IGN’s series on making the game did a pretty good job of conveying that information already so I’d say if people hadn’t already looked at those, or are unwilling, another iteration of it wouldn’t likely make a dent either. One of those things where information is out there but the people who want to hate simply aren’t going to bother to be challenged, some people just get a high off of it.


I’m really hoping that word of mouth after launch will help to sway those still on the fence.

I know I will be preaching the good word everywhere!


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