A suggestion for future Monster skins


Some of the current skins do look pretty good, but others… (in my opinion) some of the skins look bad because of the “Armor Glow” (or the coloration is horrid in general).
I’m thinking that the skins should (in some way) look good with the armor glow…

Thoughts / ideas / other suggestions?


I’d like a green glowing kraken…Make him look toxic like the poison hounds.


Bog Kraken has a green glow AND a blue glow, it looks really cool. Go to 1:45 for stage 3 with full glow.


Sweet! I thought the glow stayed the same.


It’s still blue, it’s just illuminating the green on the Bog Kraken.


I don’t like that no matter what the skin color, Goliath’s bioluminescence doesn’t change. Bog green? Still glows red. On Kraken, his bioluminescence will subtly change based on the skin color because it’s not so dominant.


Did you watch the video? Looks pretty green to me. If what you said was the case, wouldn’t the glow look red on the Carnivore Kraken?


id love a cybernetic skin. id love a psychedlic skin. id love a gentleman squirrel goliath skin, id like huamn centipede wraith skin…

i basically just want skins that look crazy and different, and are detailed.


I hope TRS stays away from making skins. Every one they add will piss people off even more


good, i hope those people get so pissed they never play a game again.