A suggestion for Deployables


So a title states couple ideas on Deployables… These may be repeats or in another thread, if so apologies for starting a new one… So I don’t understand why Deployables need to be one amount universally across all hunters, instead of character specific… I agree they couldn’t keep the 5 for all machanic of game, but the idea of needing all Hunter to be same I think was the real problem… In the current version of game they are some exceptions with Mad Mags with 1 Deployable. I’d like if all characters that use Deployables, the amounts varied … Examples

Emet - 3 (good)
Maggie - 3 (good)
Mad Mags - 1 (good)
Blitzkov - 3 (good)
Griffin - 5 (along with range values changed back)
Abe - 2 (with the current range, I think 3 is to much)
Bucket - 4 (I think 3 doesn’t cover enough area to be a huge monster deterrent)
Markov - 4 (considering Blitzkovs damage potential with his mines “hell his whole kit”, Markov could use a tiny buff)

Also I’d like Mines and Harpoon Traps to have there own unique indicators over them hunters can clearly see (similar to Emet)


I actually think that Griffin having more than 3 is unnecessary. Markovs mines are also more reliable for spamming than Blitzkovs so also don’t think he needs a change.

I’m not against Bucket having 4, but I’d rather that they had a look at other aspects of the sentries first :slightly_smiling:


I think a nerf to Abe is not necessary. He is pretty balanced. Griff doesn’t need full map coverage again. Denying feeding or moving quickly was kinda crap. Bucket’s Sentries could use a damage and accuracy buff, just to see how that goes, before adding another one. I liked having more Mines with Markov, but I think it’s good the way it is. Makes me think before I just toss them out.


I agree Markov is better for mine spamming… One more mine doesn’t effect spamming aspect at all… But looking at damage numbers Markov mine is 600dp, Blitzkov mines go 350/550/750/950… Ideally Blitzkov isn’t spamming as much as he is placing them strategically right? So 4 with Markov lets you place 3, with one to spam :wink:


My point is… lets say they’ve balanced the mines for similar general damage output… 950 gold mines means that they expect about three normal Markov mines currently to hit for every 2 of Blitzkov’s Gold ones.

More likely they expect something more like 5 Markov mines to hit for one gold, a couple of blues and three freshly laid.

So adding another mine in to the mix for Markov puts him over and above the balance, there’s an extra mine there to clutter up the battle field and for a monster to bumble in to.

I agree fully with the reason for the deployables changes down to three, I don’t see any need to add more mines back on to the playing fields :wink:


I agree Abe is pretty damn balanced, not crazy OP or anything… But I think of it this way… A Dome is 50m, a stasis grenade is 17m and lasts 15secs… You can currently cover an entire dome with 3, and spam them for days… Why not reduce the coverage a bit? 2 Nades combined will cover 34m, seems still within good balance to me


You can’t cover an entire dome with 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Even with near perfect placement it would take about 7 grenades to cover the entire dome. 3 will bisect it creating a divide across which if the monster wants to cross it will do so slowly, or can lock down just over a quarter of it in one area… Here is what 2 grenades would cover…


Well, because you have to spam them, or else they’re useless. If a Monster keeps moving out of it (like any would), you have to keep tossing them. Having 3 allows you to cover an area, reposition one or two, then still have some semblance of area control.

It’s not that he would be “weaker” with less, but he’s already on the grenades as much as Shotgun, so a change might take away a bit more than he needs. Besides, even if he only had one, he’d be constantly throwing it and slowing movement anyways. This way, it is a way to take a fight to an area and have an advantage. With two, that fight area is drastically reduced. You could cover a stretch with just two, but overall area in the open would suffer.




Here is what I imagine most people’s stasis field looks like


Right about there, yeah. Sometimes even closer together if I get trigger-happy.


I don’t agree that it would put Markov over the balance… It does give his mine ability a leg up over Blitzkov… But I think Blitzkov Tesla Gun is a leg up on the lighting gun in both damage output and recharge rate… For this reason I think it keeps good game balance, and provide more diversity between the play styles of characters


That’s fair enough, however in my experience monsters are mobile enough to break LoS which, even if only for a split second, puts Blitzkov at a lower damage potential overall than Markov… or they know to just keep hitting him with stuff every couple of seconds.

Either way, while I actually like Blitzkov as a more enjoyable hunter, I don’t think on any level is he more reliable than Markov is right now. It’s in that sense that I don’t see any reason to buff Markov at all.


Damage output is only increased with time to do so. If he loses LoS or gets knocked out of range, he loses it all. I find eating a mine when it is level one is easier than avoiding it at higher levels. Damage is reduced this way. He has higher damage potential, but in practice, he is roughly the same or slightly weaker.


Ok so take one away, how is it drastically different coverage wise… Kinda helps the point… 2 I think would make it “feel” less spammy… I think Gun play going back and forth between the shotgun would “feel” better… And a little more thought might come into placement, less I just wing these these all over…


Isn’t a dome 60 meters, not 50?

3 is ok imo. I see what you mean 'bout the whole radius thing, but having 2 wpuld feel weird to me.


Yes, when they made those changes I wished they didn’t took out my poor brothers…

But seriously, I agree, Bucket should have his sentry guns back or like Niaccurshi said, they should check what they can do to his cute little sentries.


Having an extra sentry would be nice, but range would need to be cut slightly.


I agree that those red and yellow damage values can be tough to reach with Tesla gun… I find it just make me use it more situationally than Markov, I’ll pepper with assault majority with Blitzkov, till I have my damage window of monster fousing down hard on teammate, to insure I reach the Reds & Yellow much more often, and go between those most often in battle… With Markov I use the lighting gun most of time, switching between mines the most while battling…


I keep forgetting what the numbers are, for shame! I just used the numbers from this thread for my little diagrams but I think you’re right about 60m? Must be bed time…

Ah see I think 3 has flow :wink: