A Suggestion for Decoy Rework


I was thinking that decoy could be reworked, I don’t know how the coding on this suggestion would ensue, but I believe this idea of mine has some merit and might be worth considering by you beautiful developers of my currently most favorite game. Praising aside, lets get serious:

Change the decoy so it does no, make it so the decoy will simply sprint and warp in the direction it was sent, and move away from the hunters seeking escape, and possibly not blinking white when hit, (that can still easily be up for debate).

Next I think you should have it give the wraith a buff that lasts for a certain stapled duration.

The buff should probably be 1 of 3 things:

  1. An increase on the dmg of your next ability, or an increase on the damage of you abilities used in the duration of the buff.
  2. An increase on the dmg of your next melee, or on the melee’s that are in the duration of the buf.
  3. An increase on the dmg of your next pounce, or perhaps make is so the pounce cannot be broken for a short duration.

Also, return the wraith’s blink time to it’s original setting.

The different style of play this would generate would be interesting. I think it would deserve some testing with the warp ability able to still work while cloaked, I think that function would probably still be OP but I think it would be something to consider. If not that, then maybe also have the buff increase her mvt speed slightly while cloaked. Just a couple more ideas to throw into the pot.

I added the community manager to this, plz link this to the other dev’s as I do not know their names and don’t know how to look them up on here. I would really like dev feed back on this idea, I think it would really compliment wraith’s assasin style game play over how the current decoy functions.

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Wraith is boring/too fast!

Something needs done, but I’m not sure what. I don’t find current decoy worth it.


Thanks shin, I knew if I invited you I’d get a reply… It frick’n sucks that this post was skipped months ago, no one even acknowledged it existed…

yeah, at this point, literally just wanted a reply.


What about buffing it like the Assassin’s action skill from Borderlands 2. You already mentioned it but the longer your Decoy is active, the more damage your next attack will do. To compensate, make the decoy do A LOT less damage. You can increase the duration for every skill point you put into Decoy, so you have more damage potential. This would make players use Decoy to set up another attack more than hiding tool. Also, maybe you can aim attacks while cloaked? Maybe? I don’t know if this would be overpowered or not, but just an idea.


If the decoy didn’t attack hunters, it’d be useless.
A non damaging ability is a useless ability.
I think just toning the damage to have LVL=Stage (IE: Level 3 Decoy=Stage 3 Wraith damage) would be a nice touch.

As for blinking, it should be a lot less obvious. My vote is for the Decoy to “bleed” the stardust it’s made up of, that way it takes a keener eye to pick up on the trick other than having it be insanely obvious.

This could be abused a lot. (Level 3 amped Warp Warp blast anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Decoy-> Supernova+Amped melee.
No thanks ^.-

I like this one ^.^

This is needed, the current blink duration is insanely long, you’d be lucky to fool a blind person with that flash >_>

I like these ^.^
Although I still dislike decoy
I prefer killing hunters personally ^.-


The building damage idea is interesting, and might be useful in balancing the new decoy. I already stated tho, that decoy should have no dmg, and instead really appear to be, and flee from the hunters, acting more like a true decoy than it currently does.


That’s why I recommended the changes to decoy that I did. As for you comment on the no dmg decoy, it’s not that the ability wouldn’t do dmg, it would amplify the dmg of your next damaging attack, depending on what they decide to go with.

Long story short, it puts the dmg the decoy does back in your hands, just like every other monster in this game. Amping the damage of warpblast wouldn’t be any different then getting hit by a warpblast and then having decoy smack you in the face right after.

I’m not so sure about the pounce change myself, it would definatly open up the wraith to more punishment than she needs to take.

I like the idea of decoy amping another abillities damage, which would make her feel far more like a quick attack down assassin.

though I do agree balancing this would be quite the interesting experience.


Any fix to decoy has to keep one thing in mind. It is currently too strong in the hands of the weak, and too weak in the hands of the strong. Changing decoy must be done in a way that makes it more skill based and that seems to be a hard thing to do.


I think some of my suggestions would accomplish that. It would definitely make her decoy more viable to use.


I’d like to see Decoy brought back to how it was, where you can warp whilst cloaked. But make the cooldown based on how much damage you do, so if you’re a Wraith who’ll actually fight, your Decoy will come back quickly. If you just want to hide in a dome and refuse to fight the Hunters, then it’ll take forever to come back. I really liked that you used to be able to warp whilst cloaked but because of a small minority of players, that was spoiled for those who play properly :cry:


I think you misspelled large majority lol :slight_smile:


It does need a rework.

So many times I’ll tell decoy “Sick 'em!” on a downed hunter but to no avail… as it darts for the hunter on the other side of the dome and dissapears before it even reaches its target or I have to break cloak because it’s not worth the damage received. Simply make Decoy do normal (or slightly less) damage but give the Wraith a movement boost while cloaked. Like one Warp while cloaked and 10% faster movement/climb speed. Also the decoy needs to act… not so obvious. If anything the Decoy should try to mimic the players movements from before but I guess that’s a bit much.

Also the spamminess of Decoy and the .1 second flash while cloaked were not the problem before the Nerf. It has always been the damn damage it has dealt. It can literally 2-3 a hunter and eat shields better than any other ability if caught right.

Abduction also needs some fine tuning but that’s for a different topic.


I like the idea that an invisible Wraith gets a speed and/or damage boost while lowering the decoy’s damage. That way it can be used to confuse/dome bait but also encourage the player to attack the hunters. It’d also be nice to have a more consistent AI on it besides either “Derpy the Wonder Wraith” or “Laser Guided Death”.


It’d be nice if they reduced the decoys dmg, and basically made it indistinguishable from the original wraith, but if the buff they did was warps while cloaked. I don’t think I’d ever lose another match as wraith again. XD


I’d like to see this most of all.

Dev’s try this in your game testing rooms.

Set the decoy’s dmg to equal the wraith’s. It doesn’t glow or show in anyway it’s not the real wraith. (Maybe go through some of it’s code and remove the derp decoys too)

Then give the decoy the ability to use wraith abilities, so you really can’t tell it’s the decoy, and reallow the the wraith to warp while cloaked.

Increase the cooldown from it’s current by 3 seconds. I would love to see the data on that testing.



I think they should not buff invisibility because it will be than abused for cheap escapes and will make it a little boring (also damage dependent cd sounds like a way to fix it at least when the dome is down)

I think what Wraith really needs is not an invis or AI-dependent damage but rather a powerful toll to force hunters to split (like really split by 100-150m not 20-30) or to trick them so that they attack/chase wrong target. For that it would be good if they make the decoy an exact copy of Wraith (with only differences that it can not be killed by hunters (health simply stays 0 when it drops there) and can not use abilities) and remove the invis completely.

+it should be then possible to define the AI behavior by pressing movement buttons when using the skill:
->forward - the decoy will only run in the direction it was created
->no buttons (staying on place) - the decoy will attack the closest hunter it sees or stay still if there is none.
->any other -> the decoy behaves like it is now

The decoy will then disappear if the timer is over or Wraith use an ability.

In this way it will be possible to:
1)force hunters to split by running an opposite directions with the decoy
2)mitigate damage by sending the decoy to attack the hunters and go along with it (the damage done to hunters will not really increase in this case because if the Wraith use an ability the decoy will end)
3)trick hunters by sending the decoy to run and pretend to be the decoy and attack them while they are trying to avoid you and chase the decoy

Think in this way it will make the decoy open for a lot more tricks but will remove the cheesy escapes abuse


It would be pretty cool if the number of points you threw in changed your decoy’s style. Like, 1 point it only runs away but lasts 30 sec. 2 points it goes berserk but lasts 7, etc.


I think this is going to be my new steam name.


It is best name.


For an ability that requires no aim, it does insane damage.

It needs a rework since it is unbalanced and much abused.