A strike was missing from the trapper (No Laz)


Was playing Wraith abduct style and had over the course of a long game put two strikes on the trapper who was Crow. Well over the course of the video I show when and where I get the second strike and a few drop ins after killing him of having two strikes. After a brutal drop in, death the trapper leaves and when the trapper drops in for the fourth time a new person has joined in as Crow and one of his strikes are missing.

I have never seen this happen and don’t know if it is common but it seemed like a bug so I’m going to report it.


That has Happened to me but I was on Xbox. Same idea though I get two strikes on trapper, guy leaves, new guy joins, drop ship comes in the second strike is gone. Happened a couple times.


how about when someone leaves/disconnects and hes invincible briefly? Im pretty sure thats happened to me though im on xbox as well. I main monster, I swear I’ve downed people and then they have full health. Although I have played Laz where I could have sworn I ate the body and they still revived it I know thats off topic but yeah -shrug-


Something like that happens to me to but is more like their connecting/ disconnecting and their health stays the same and no damage is registered even though I just leap smashed on top of them.


Its good to know that I am not the only one to have this happen. In the game it wasn’t really a problem cause I had them dead to rights but it was just a bug and I can save videos so I figured I would post it to help.


I’ve had that happen once during the Goliath challenge haven’t seen it since.