A strange feeling about Sunnys damage


I can’t prove it, but sometimes I have the feeling as if Sunny’s Nukes do twice or even more the damage that they are supposed to. This feeling comes from playing with her in situations where the is no actual burst of the assault (no mines, no mortars, no lances) but suddenly a big chunk of Monster Armor goes missing. Also it appears to me that the Nukes sometimes one-shot Spider Traps, even though all levels of spider traps would take 2 or 3 Nukes to kill.

Like I said, I cant prove it which is why I want to know if anyone else has had similar experiences.

Also, if you look at her fire rate and reload speed, something just seems off about her high damage output.


I know what you’re saying. I only really notice it once Sunny is the last alive and trying to keep me off the relay. If my health is dangerously low like 2-3 bars and it’s just her and the person knows how to juke, then i feel almost forced to go eat because she does enough damage on her own to finish me.


Well, the nuke launcher does have drop off over distance, so maybe that’s it?


I think direct hits do more damage than just the explosion (from hitting the floor for example).
It’s the same with goliath’s rock throw.


Gonna have to ask @Chrono and @The_Mastermind for this one, though.


I notice this all the time, and was thinking the same thing. I thought it might have heen a bug that went under the radar.


the mininuke grenade launcher deals full damage on impact or when the monster is within 3m of the blast (currently 175 damage) and has a fall off at 7m (0 damage).

If it does seem to be doing double damage on impact, it most likely is a bug because i have not seen any information on it dealing bonus damage on direct impacts and is probably taking the damage twice (impact + explosion)

Maybe @white_hawke8 can do some testing to try and get a video of it during his free time.


This is not something I’ve ever seen. I’m also not able to reproduce it. The gun is doing 175 per hit; never seeing a double damage occurence.





Correct. I pushed the wrong numbers.


Could it be that it does both the direct hit and the fall off hit but only shows the direct hit’s damage in the endscreen?


White hawk uses several methods for damage testing. this can be done by using the damage amp. shield projector, or by healing the damage dealt. (depends on whats being tested)

for this situaiton, it’d be the damage amp and even soon the armor reducer


For this test I didn’t use the end screen, since the assumption with this bug is that it can’t be trusted. I tested against wildlife that have no hunter damage modifiers, counting the number of hits required to kill and comparing it to their known health values with mastery and perks disabled.


You know we are talking about another Support, right? You cant amp a Supports damage.


just an oversight while typing. lmao.


The question I am asking myself now is: How big is the wildlife you were testing it with? It it is smaller than 6 meters, of course only the inner radius’s damage would count. A Stage 3 Behemoth for example is 8 meters tall as far as I know and would therefor get both instances of damage, if the bug is a thing.


I was testing with Nomads.


those poor nomads. you just wanted their land didnt you?
jk. lol.


I am sorry, but I have to bring this up again. Just look at this chart and look at the damage numbers of Cabot and Sunny. Sunny does about 91 DPS including mastery, Cabot about 133. On paper he would be 46% stronger, but on the chart it looks like Sunny is 46% stronger.

I mean, are people really that bad at aiming? That can’t be all of it. Sunny has 2 other tools to use in a fight, Cabot mostly uses the Amp. And while he is usually longer on it, this just does not add up.

Given that it was mentioned that for some weird reason Cabot’s damage is partially Dust Tag damage (dont ask me about it) this really strengthens my concerns that Sunny sometimes does twice the damage.


Why the hell is Crow the lowest damage dealer!!! Seriously. People can’t aim.