A spy in our midst! (monster tips)


I was playing with some of the forum folks last night and we were rocking the world (went 9/10 on 2 rounds of evac) and I slowly realized… THERE WAS A SPY!!!

Yup… seems that one of our crew, I believe his tag is @EyeOfCharon , (hee hee) is actually more of a monster specialist than a hunter. Well, obviously he was just hanging around to learn our ways… to work out counters. Beware of this guy gang… ROFL

Ok, in all seriousness, I think more of you that are looking to master yer monster skills, should consider playing hunter with a good crew. I’d imagine there’s a ton to be learned that way. (I myself watch video of good monsters for the same reason).

Mark, whatcha think? Probably a good idea for the monster peeps out there?


Totally agree with your overall conceit, but you are flat out wrong about my being any kind of ‘specialist.’ :laughing:

But yes, the best way to learn to counter is to play as or beside that class.

As Monster, I was like ‘WTF?!?!? OP!!! NERF!!!’ with Griffin, so I played him for a while in Solo, and I felt like I had a better grasp of his game and AOE.


he is like the spy of TF2


I play everything but trapper (so all the hunters and the monsters) because it offers different gameplay and is part of the game. It’s fun imo. But I never thought about it being beneficial to either side, haha. Might be true though.