A spooky coincidence


this happened


Whats the picture of? the school internet im using blocked it :sob:


Character selection screen with Voodoo Goliath but the hunters are not showing up.


you see the loading screen after you chose you re character and perk and all and you re waiting for the other players, well i was goliath with his voodoo skin, and usually there s a background but this time it bugged so it was pitch black and you see voodoo goliath stage 3 looking at you in a pitch black baackground


and there isn t a background


Oooh! I have a reflection on my screen, didn’t notice that.


^^, even more spooky isn t it ?


Coming right out of the dark like something from Cabin in the Woods.


yeah totally


This looks awesome. Very spooky indeed. :smile:


i think we can t top this off


The voodoo skin just looks so nice with the black background. I wonder how the other monsters would look in this situation.


i was wondering how savage woudlook with this but didn t have the time


Savage Kraken. :open_mouth:


not bad ^^




Maybe it’s a team of crows


nah it was people so bad that i managed to make p)eople disconnect and connect 3 times and every character, so i like fought 3 team of different people


I believe you mean…

puts on sunglasses

A murder of crows.




Ten characters