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Beware, this thread is dark and full of spoilers.

That being said, aside from @MeTheBigShow, where are all the Throners™ at?

Game of Thrones (Show Only Discussion: S1-S5)

Everyone loves the show/books which is why no one has need to announce it :stuck_out_tongue:

May as well be a topic about who breaths air.


Me, clearly, why else would i be on this thread making a post to announce myself.


But I want to discuss things with people, hence my thread.

Like the lineage of Jon Snow. :smiley:


Ah jon snow, the bastard son of the (late :cry:) lord eddard stark.
Or is he?
plot line thickens


In my opinion, no. He’s related but not the son of Lord Stark.


Alright, since the spoiler tag is on this, lets get started!


The showrunners have stated that they are killing off characters that are alive in the books. based on the books, who do you think dies?

I think Jaime or Brianne will die at the end and Cersei might die too.


do you refer to R+L=J?


Same here, ed seemed like a pretty standup guy, certainly not the type to knock up some girl then just LEAVE


Yes. :slight_smile:

Also, I think Jamie and Cercei will live. Brienne will die, as will Tommen and Myrcella.

I also think Aegon is fake and was just a fallback in case Viserys/Daenarys never made it to Westeros.


I can definitely see Brienne getting offed, Jaime is 50/50 in my eyes, but then again im the guy who thought The Hound would be spared (still salty about that :cry:) so im not very good at predictions


You think the Hound is dead?


Wait, there are 5 books.
Omg i only read 4, what am i doing


I am on the third book now, Ive watched the whole series… a ton.


Fair warning, all 5 books could be discussed and there is much and more that’s not happened in the show yet.


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that’s the popular theory so id imagine that’s what he means. they don’t convey it really at all in the show but loooots of referencing in the books that imply. the end of dance with dragons might put a dampener on whether it has any relevance though. im not sure whether its a fade to black due to death or just for suspense, but I’m hoping the latter.

@themountainthatroars interesting thought about Aegon, is it just a thought or you have got some reasoning behind it? I’m intrigued. I can’t say I agree because I feel with the Targaryen’s “the dragon always has 3 heads” that Daenerys, Aegon and Jon would make that up, although I suppose Viserys could’ve been the third and now they’re screwed.

Always interested in talking to people who’ve thought about it. Lots of people at my work have watched the show and enjoy it but beyond being interested in it and keen to see what happens they don’t theorise on what’s coming. And none of them have read the books so they miss a lot of backstory.


I believe Aegon is the “Mummer’s Dragon” that’s mentioned in the prophecy. I believe Connington believes he’s the real deal but that it’s a ploy by Varys, a known mummer.


hmm. interesting. ill think on it for a while and see what I think as to whether I agree with you or not haha, but I like the concept. Equally, I wouldn’t put it past Varys either…


It’s simply too convenient for GRRM’s writing style in my opinion.